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External view of One New Change

​© Paul Riddle

Largest commercial installation of ground source heat pumps in Europe


Atelier Jean Nouvel
Ground source heating and cooling system: Arup

BREEAM rating

”Very good”


  • RIBA Award 2011
  • New City Architecture Award 2012
  • London Planning Awards “Best Built Project” 2012
Internal view of One New Change

​© Paul Riddle

​The office and retail development was approved by the Planning & Transportation Committee in 2006 and has seven storeys with overall 93,195sq.m of floor space, including over 20.000sq.m of retail space.

The development of the site includes the installation of a geothermal ground source heating and cooling system, a combination of both closed and open loop systems that could meet at least 10% of the building’s energy demand.

Photo showing the development of One New Change

​© Arup

The excavation for the basement work and drilling of the bore holes required careful consideration of the St. Paul’s Depth area (an area in the ground designated in 1935 to protect the fabric of St. Paul’s Cathedral from further damage) including groundwater modelling, as well as of the location of underground tunnels close to the northern boundary of the site. ​

Drawing showing the open and closed loop systems at One New Change.

Drawing showing the open and closed loop system.
© Geothermal International

​The ground source heating system’s pipework for the closed loop system was installed within 189 of the total of 219 load-bearing piles.  The open loop system comprises one extraction well and one re-injection well to a depth of 130m.  Early agreement from the Environment Agency was secured to allow for the development of details to be incorporated into the design stages.  The system can provide 1700kW of heating and 1800 kW of cooling, with an estimated saving of 800 tonnes of carbon per year.  It has been installed as the largest commercial application of ground sourced energy technology in Europe.


Details of the ground source heating and cooling system have been drawn from The Arup Journal, edition 2/2012.

30 October 2013
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19 December 2018