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The monitoring reports for the Local Plan are a range of documents that will be published on an annual basis, and others that will be monitored on a periodic basis over several years. This replaces the historic time series of the Annual Monitoring Reports, which monitored the policies set out in the context of the Core Strategy adopted in 2011.

Local plan monitoring reports

Local Plan monitoring report Monitoring period Published
Policy CS1: Offices (900KB) Financial year 2018/19 September 2019
Policy CS11: Hotels (2.5MB) Financial year 2017/18 February 2019
Policy CS13: Protected Views (3.7MB) Financial year 2017/18 January 2019
Policy CS14: Tall Buildings (1.1MB) Financial year 2018/19 July 2019
Policy CS15: Sustainability (1.2MB) Financial year 2016/17 April 2018
Policy CS17: Waste (1.3MB) Financial year 2017/18 March 2019
Policy CS19: Green Roofs (3.4MB) Financial year 2017/18 December 2018
Policy CS19: Open Spaces (1.3MB) Financial year 2017/18 October 2018
Policy CS21: Housing (1.3MB) Financial year 2017/18 April 2019

Further reports to be added as published.

Information relating to Policy CS4: Planning Contributions can be found on the Community Infrastructure Levy and Planning Obligations page.

Detailed information and analysis relating to Policy CS20: Retail can be found on the Land use page.

Housing delivery test

The City Corporation has produced a Housing Delivery Test Action Plan setting out how it will improve new housing delivery to meet Government targets. The Action Plan is available to view on the Other policy documents page.

Key statistics

The Key Statistics report (623KB) provides a summary of statistics and policy for each of the themes covered in the Local Plan monitoring reports, along with links to other relevant documents on the Development and Population Information web pages. Detailed information and analysis on each theme can be found in the Local Plan monitoring reports above.

Statistics and information are correct for the 2017-18 monitoring period (1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018).

Annual monitoring report (AMR) 2009-2011

The AMR was published each December for the period 2009/10 to 2010/11, and provided reports on the implementation of the policies of the then Local Development Framework (LDF) and progress in meeting the milestones of the Local Development Scheme which was the timetable for producing the LDF.

If you would like to view Annual Monitoring Reports for the period 2009/10 to 2010/11, please email the team.

​Duty to co-operate: monitoring report

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a duty to co-operate in the preparation of local plans and other local development documents. The duty applies to local planning authorities and other prescribed bodies. The duty came into effect in November 2011.

The Duty to Co-operate: Monitoring Report (814KB) describes how the City Corporation has met the duty to co-operate in the preparation of the Local Plan and relevant SPDs (last updated April 2017).

22 March 2012
Last Modified:
12 September 2019