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​A range of information about the City's housing and residential population is available to read below.

Census of population 2011

The national Census is a detailed survey undertaken by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It is taken every 10 years and provides a snapshot of the population and its many characteristics.

The last national Census was taken on 27 March 2011.

Key information from the 2011 Census was made available in July 2012. The information for the City of London is analysed in the summary report.

Full information about the release plans and data is available from the Office for National Statistics Census pages.

Reports setting out the results for the residential population of the City of London will be published here as the data becomes available.

Information on Workday population is available from the Employment page.

Reports relating to the 2001 Census are available on request - please email the team.

Resident estimates and projections

A report on estimates of the City of London's current population and projected housing stock, population and households, utilising data from:

Resident Estimates and Projections (607KB)

Housing in the City of London

City of London Housing Stock analyses the number and location of residential units in the City of London. This is analysed at two spatial levels: the City of London and individual Study Areas.

 City of London Housing Stock (1MB)

City of London Housing Study Area profiles analyses each of the Study Areas in terms of the location, history, housing profile, population profile and facilities available.

City of London Housing Study Area profiles (2MB)

Resident deprivation index

An analysis of the Index of Multiple Deprivation for the City.

Resident Deprivation Index 2015 (2MB)

The Open Data Communities Mapper provides a tool to view the Deprivation Indices data spatially.

Information for Greater London is available on the London Datastore.