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Land use

The City of London is the heart of the world's leading financial, business and maritime centre with a range of business orientated land uses including offices, retail and hotels. To encourage healthy lifestyles for all the City's communities improved access to open space and facilities is encouraged. The land use is analysed in a series of reports focussing on the spatial distribution and quantification of the floorspace and number of units.

Principal Land Use Distribution

​The City of London has produced a Principal Land Use Distribution map to highlight the spatial relationships between the principal land use classifications in the City. The map displays the dominant land uses on a site-by-site basis and is useful to highlight differences in size and spatial distribution of these land uses throughout the City.

Listed Buildings

The Land Use of Listed Buildings in the City of London is a report which aims to assess the different types of land uses found within Listed Buildings, and whether particular patterns of land use emerge for Listed Buildings in the City of London.


Retail Units in the City of London is a full colour publication that will be published periodically providing an overview of retail activity and development in the City, based on the City Corporation's retail survey and development monitoring.

The City's planning policies for retailing set out in its Local Plan identify five Principal Shopping Centres. Information on each of these centres is available in these reports:

The City's planning policies set out in the Local Plan encourage movement between Principal Shopping Centres by enhancing the retail environment in the links between them.

Previous Retail Studies

​Previous Retail Studies were commissioned in 2006 and 2010.

The City of London Retail Study 2010 looks at the quantitative need for future retail capacity and assesses the role, viability and vitality of the City's existing centres. The study was undertaken by Nathaniel Litchfield and Partners and was completed in January 2010 as part of the evidence base for the City's Core Strategy.

​The City of London Retail Study 2006 examines the characteristics and potential of retailing in the City and makes recommendations for a retail strategy. It was commissioned by the City Corporation and undertaken by CB Richard Ellis. It forms part of the evidence base for the Core Strategy.

Copies of both documents are available on request by emailing the team.

Office Stock

Offices in the City of London provides an analysis of the amount and distribution of Use Classes Order B1 Office floorspace in the City of London, as at March 2018.

Offices in the City of London (3.8MB)


An analysis of the spatial distribution of Hotels in the City of London is provided in the City of London Local Plan Monitoring Paper – Hotels, available on the Local Plan monitoring papers page.

Open Spaces

The Open Spaces Audit report analyses the distribution and total area of open spaces within the City of London, as a tool to assist in assessing existing and future need for open space. This has been analysed within the context of the City of London Local Plan policies:

Detailed site information is available on the Open Spaces interactive map.


​Housing in the City of London is analysed on the page Residents and Housing where a range of information is available to download.