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Blue plaques in the City of London

City of London commemorative blue plaques

There are approximately 170 Blue Plaques in the City of London.

The City of London Corporation only offers a Blue Plaque and does accept different offers such as pavement mounted plaques or brass, metal or polymer based plates.

The plaque is a clay tablet, finished to a standard design. This is either surface mounted or recessed into the surrounding building material.

Blue Plaques outside the City of London boundary are the responsibility of Historic England.


An application is subject to an evaluation, based on the Open Spaces Committee report of April 1996 "The City of London Corporation Commemorative Plaques – Criteria for the Evaluation of Proposals". A copy is available from the City Surveyor's department (020 7332 1527).

Each proposal is treated on its merits and in relation to the overall street scene in the area where it is proposed to be erected so whilst a blue plaque to commemorate significant people, places and events in the history of the City is generally desirable there are occasion when a plaque would result in visual clutter. 

The City Corporation will consult the appropriate individuals, bodies, institutions and organisations, but it makes the final decision.

Many more applications are received than can be approved with the resources available so the City Corporation prioritises the applications.

The City Corporation welcomes contributions to finance individual plaques, but this has no bearing on the City Corporation's decision of an application's suitability.


The timescale for successful completion of a City Corporation Commemorative Blue Plaque application is approximately 5 years.

To propose a City of London Commemorative Blue Plaque, please complete the Application Form (200KB).

If you want to discuss any aspect of the scheme, please contact:

Email the team
Or write to:

Blue Plaque Scheme
The City Surveyor
City of London Corporation
PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ

21 April 2015
Last Modified:
19 August 2019