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Protected views

Protected views across the Square Mile

Views of St Paul's Cathedral, the Monument, the Tower of London and other landmarks on the City skyline are protected by planning controls.

The Local Planincludes Policy CS13 on protected views. Protected views are shown in Proposals Map A (2.60MB).

Protected views supplementary planning document

The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (1.60MB) on protected views explains the locally protected views in more detail.

St Paul's Heights

The locally protected views of the Cathedral are known as the 'St Paul's Heights'. These take the form of a grid of maximum building heights, which is available in the St Paul's Heights Interactive Map.

The City of London - St Paul's Height's Guide (526KB) contains further information on how to use the map effectively. To view the heights relevant for an individual grid square(s), ensure the map is zoomed in to a detailed scale, and the relevant layers switched on.

Access to the spatial data is available through the government data tool. The relevant layers are:

The St Paul’s Heights Study 2015 is a technical document which looks at the context of the history of the Heights, an analysis of the form of the Heights, evaluation of infringing buildings, evaluation of existing views, and a summary of issues that arise. This is available on the page Tall Buildings and St Paul's Heights Study.

London view management framework

The Mayor of London's London View Management Framework protects important views across London. These include various views of the City skyline including St Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London and river prospects.

25 October 2013
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02 March 2020