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Newgate Street Conservation Area

Newgate Street Conservation Area [No. 6]

A significant mixture of historic building types clustered around a historic junction.

The Newgate Street Conservation Area Character Summary(1.3MB) was published in 1999. This document identifies key characteristics of the area and particular planning considerations.

The boundary of this conservation area was adjusted as part of a general boundary review in 2007. It supersedes the boundary depicted in the above Character Summary. To view the current boundary, please visit the City’s interactive map, selecting ‘Conservation Areas’ under the ‘Conservation’ tab.

History and character summary

  • A wide range of building types, including church, public house, livery hall and Criminal Court (the Old Bailey)
  • Associations with the infamous Newgate prison, now demolished
  • A relatively spacious conservation area enhanced by the openness of the Holborn Viaduct.
18 April 2012
Last Modified:
15 August 2019