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View of Staple Inn, High Holborn, part of the Chancery Lane conservation area

Chancery Lane Conservation Area [No. 1]​

The entire City elevation of Chancery Lane and its subsidiary streets. A dense urban grain to the north of the conservation area contrasts with larger buildings and open spaces to the south.

Character Summary and Management Strategy (2016)

The Chancery Lane Conservation Area SPD (4MB) was adopted on 23 February 2016. This document analyses the significance of the conservation area and sets out policies for its preservation and enhancement.

To view the current boundary, please visit the City's interactive map, selecting 'Conservation Areas' under the 'Conservation' tab.

History and character summary

  • Contains Barnard's Inn Hall and Staple Inn, two important survivors of the Great Fire of London (1666)
  • A variable urban grain incorporating medieval plots and narrow streets with larger Victorian buildings
  • An area formerly located outside the City walls, on open land that was developed from the 12th century onwards
  • An important centre for legal administration and practice since the medieval period.

The former Dyers Buildings Conservation Area was incorporated into Chancery Lane Conservation Area on 14 June 2007 A (superseded) Dyers Buildings Conservation Area Character Summary (1MB) was published in 1999.​

17 April 2012
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29 May 2019
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