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Charterhouse Square Conservation Area

Charterhouse Square Conservation Area [No. 9]

The terrace of buildings forming the south side of Charterhouse Square (Islington conservation area) with the platforms of Barbican station. ​

The Charterhouse Square Conservation Area Character Summary and Management Strategy SPD (1MB) was adopted on 31 January 2012.

This document analyses the significance of the conservation area and sets out relevant policies for its preservation and enhancement.

Use the 'Conservation' tab on the City of London interactive map to view the conservation area boundary.

History and character summary

  • A range of buildings that act as an important transition between the varied and richly historic character of Charterhouse Square, the railway infrastructure and large modern buildings to the south
  • A conservation area focused on an intact group of Victorian buildings with a distinctive industrial character illustrated by their large windows and a range of surviving features
  • An area integral to the historic character, layout and setting of the Charterhouse and Charterhouse Square, the majority of which is within the London Borough of Islington.
18 April 2012
Last Modified:
29 May 2019