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Queen Street Conservation Area

Queen Street Conservation Area [No. 14]

Large scale historic commercial buildings set within a medieval network of streets and lanes leading down to the river.

The Queen Street Conservation Area SPD (2MB) was adopted on 18 September 2012. This document analyses the significance of the conservation area and sets out relevant policies for its preservation and enhancement.

Use the 'Conservation' tab on the City of London interactive map to view the conservation area boundary.

History and character summary

  • A notable grouping of Livery Company Halls, Wren churches, listed buildings and unlisted buildings of architectural quality and historic interest
  • Longstanding associations with the river, the fur trade and notable people and events
  • An area of the City which retains its 19th century industrial character with numerous surviving warehouses and sympathetically designed later buildings
  • Significant archaeological potential.
18 April 2012
Last Modified:
29 May 2019