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Temples Conservation Area

Temples Conservation Area [No. 3]

The unique enclaves of the Inner and Middle Temples. A network of courtyards, alleys and green spaces with predominantly small scale terraced chamber buildings, halls and the Temple church.​

The Temples Conservation Area Character Summary (55KB) was published in 2000. This document identifies key characteristics of the area and particular planning considerations.

Use the 'Conservation' tab on the City of London interactive map to view the conservation area boundary.

History and character summary

  • A centre of the legal profession, with an ensemble of buildings and gardens creating a distinct environment within the City
  • An collegiate character reminiscent of Oxford or Cambridge rarely found in the City
  • Ancient associations with the Knights Templar and other significant historical figures
  • Consistently high quality historic architecture, with some buildings immediately post-dating the Great Fire of London (1666)
  • The Temple church with its circular nave, reflecting the Sepulchre of Christ in Jerusalem.
18 April 2012
Last Modified:
29 May 2019