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Supplementary planning documents

​Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) provide further detailed guidance on policies within the Local Plan.

Adopted SPDs

The following SPDs have been adopted:

  • Air Quality​ - the City's guidance on minimising emissions and exposure to air pollution (July 2017)
  • Archaeology and Development Guidance - Updated and revised guidance on archaeology in the development process (July 2017)
  • Enforcement Plan - the City's approach to planning enforcement (June 2017)
  • City Public Realm - the principles and guidelines for controlling and informing street enhancement schemes (July 2016)
  • Thames Strategy - Guides development on the Thames Riverside in line with Local Plan policy CS9 (June 2015)
  • Office Use - Evidence required to support planning applications for change of use of offices (January 2015)
  • Open Space Strategy - How the City's open spaces will be increased and enhanced (January 2015)
  • Barbican Guidelines - Listed Building Management Guidelines for the Barbican Estate Volume I & II: Introduction & Residential Buildings (October 2012), Volume III: Landscaping (January 2015)
  • Planning obligations - Guidance on the operation of planning obligations (April 2014)
  • Golden Lane Guidelines - Listed Building Management Guidelines for the Golden Lane Estate (November 2013)
  • Tree Strategy - Guidance on the planting, preservation and management of trees in the City (May 2012)
  • Protected Views - Guidance on the protection of views of St Paul's Cathedral, the Monument, the Tower and other City landmarks (January 2012)
  • Freight Supplementary Planning Document - aims to provide guidance on the interpretation of policies in the Local Plan, in relation to freight and servicing movements in the Square Mile (February 2018)

Future SPDs

SPDs are drawn up in consultation with the public and a draft SPD is issued for consultation before it is finalised and adopted. Check our planning consultations page for any draft SPDs currently available for public comment. SPDs to be prepared in future are listed in the Local Plan Bulletin (232KB).

Conservation Area Character Summaries and Management Strategies

Conservation Area Character Summaries and Management Strategies are being prepared as SPDs for all the City's Conservation Areas. The following have been adopted: