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Issues and Options Consultation

Issues and Options Consultation

A public consultation on the City Plan 2036 Issues and Options, the first stage of the Local Plan review, ran for 3 months in 2016 seeking public and stakeholder views. A summary of the comments is in Issues and Options consultation comments summary (1.9MB)

Consultation material is available here:

Summary leaflet (760KB)
Issues and Options consultation paper (2MB)

The display material which was used at two consultation events is available to view in the documents below:

Board A - Key City Places and Offices (1MB)
Board B - City Culture and Heritage (990KB)
Board C - Environmental Sustainability (1MB)
Board D - City Communities (1MB)

To inform the Issues and Options consultation, we produced an IIA Scoping Report and an IIA Commentary document which identify the key economic, environmental and social impacts of the different policy options:

Integrated Impact Assessment Scoping Report (2MB)
Scoping Report Appendix 1 – Other plans and programmes (230KB) CSV
Scoping Report Appendix 2 – Baseline information (2MB)
Scoping Report Appendix 3 – Consultation Responses (185KB)
Integrated Impact Assessment Commentary Document (2MB)

08 November 2018
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05 September 2019