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Local Plan examination

​On 21 May 2014 the Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for examination by an independent planning inspector.

Mr Douglas Machin BSc DipTP MRTPI was appointed as the Inspector to examine the Local Plan.

The Inspector’s report (104KB) on the examination was issued on 12 November 2014.

Examination documents

The Local Plan was submitted together with supporting documents. 

Download a list of the submitted documents (190KB)

The supporting documents can be downloaded from the evidence base page.

The City Corporation proposed minor modifications to the Local Plan.

Download the list of modifications (1.06MB)

A public examination hearing was held on 7 October 2014. The Inspector issued an examination guidance note and timetable (96KB).

The Inspector asked for further statements for the hearing session, which can be downloaded here:

List of the further statements and supporting evidence (30KB)

Further Statement Issue 2: legal requirements and duty to co-operate - City of London September 2014 (52KB)

Further Statement Issue 3: spatial strategy and delivery strategy - City of London September 2014 (50KB)

Further Statement Issue 4: strategic priorities, viability and delivery - City of London September 2014 (27KB)

Further Statement Issue 5: balance of uses - City of London September 2014 (975KB)

Further Statement Issue 6: pollution, climate change and low carbon economy - City of London September 2014 (48KB)

Further Statement Issue 7: infrastructure delivery - City of London September 2014 (51KB)

Further Statement Issue 8: development management policies - City of London September 2014 (33KB)

Further Statement - DP9 on behalf of Northern & Shell (Representor 17) September 2014 (1.64MB) (The appendix to this statement available for inspection at the Built Environment enquiries desk at Guildhall)

Further Statement - Savills on behalf of the London Diocesan Fund (Representor 21) September 2014 (248KB)

Further Statement - Montagu Evans on behalf of Aviva Investors (Representor 24) September 2014 (361KB)

Statement of Common Ground - City of London/Port of London Authority August 2014 (42KB)

Statement of Common Ground - City of London/Greater London Authority August 2014 (69KB)

Statement of Common Ground – City of London/English Heritage September 2014 (157KB)

City of London Core Strategy Public Examination: Inspector’s Report – PINS 2011 (117KB)

Legal Soundness Self-Assessment for the Local Plan - City of London 2014 (101KB)

Draft Office Use SPD interim planning guidance - City of London July 2014 (80KB)

Core Strategy Monitoring Paper: Offices - City of London 2014 (1.72MB)

Core Strategy Monitoring Paper: Housing - City of London 2014 (1.75MB)

Community Info - City of London 2012 (5.14MB)

Development Info - City of London 2013-14 (1.57MB)

Development Schedules - City of London 2013-14:

 Offices (225KB)

 Housing (246KB)

 Hotels (178KB)

City Agents’ Office Commentary - City of London Q1 2014 (606KB)

District Heating Manual for London - Mayor of London 2013

Energy Consumption Statistics 2005-2011 - Department of Energy & Climate Change (1.19MB)

Response to statement from DP9/Northern & Shell (29KB)

Response to statement from Savills/London Diocesan Fund (28KB)

Response to statement from Montagu Evans/Aviva Investors (821KB)

London’s world heritage sites – guidance on settings

Mayor of London’s response to DCLG technical consultation on planning – Mayor of London September 2014 (657KB)