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The City of London Sustainability Policy has a shared focus for the future, helping to co-ordinate partners' activities, enable everyone to work towards the same objectives and meet the needs and aspirations of the City's different communities.

The policy falls into two parts, building a strong economy but equally respecting the limits of the planet's resources.

Building a strong, stable and sustainable economy by

  • Assisting businesses in the Square Mile and its neighbouring boroughs by improving understanding of climate change, its potential impacts and how to prepare for and adapt to them.
  • Increasing business efficiency by helping them to adopt sustainable practices, reduce emissions and explore opportunities associated with environmental markets.
  • Support businesses within the Square mile and neighbouring boroughs through local and sustainable procurement and encourage our partners, suppliers and city developers to do the same, and build the capacity of local small business to become "fit to supply" the City.
  • Encouraging sustainable investments and responsible capitalism, including microfinance, the carbon markets, and social investments.
  • Supporting a sustainable business model focusing on positive social and financial outcomes.
  • Supporting the economics of regeneration of our neighbouring boroughs and the promotion of skills-based volunteering with third sector organisations.

Respect the limits of the planet's environment, resources and biodiversity by

  • Raising awareness of environmental issues, and encourage the use of best practice in all areas of operation and partnership working.
  • Working towards a low carbon future to achieve significant reductions in energy use and greenhouse gases emission from the City's buildings and activities.
  • Adapting infrastructure and services to prepare for the likely impacts of climate change.
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling waste and improving water efficiency.
  • Ensuring sustainable development principles are at the heart of the City of London's planning system.
  • Working towards a sustainable and integrated transport system in the Square Mile, which reduces the negative impacts of transport use on the environment.
  • Protecting, maintaining and improving the built environment of the Square Mile and the City Fringe, thus ensuring a safe and pleasant place to live and work.
  • Working with partners to counteract and reduce the risk of major flooding.
  • Increasing awareness of everyone's role in making the Square Mile, and other areas of land which it owns and controls, clean and attractive places to live, work and visit.
  • Improving air quality within the Square Mile and City Fringe, and work with other boroughs to reduce air pollution in Central London.
  • Enhancing biodiversity, protect and maintain open spaces, and other areas with landscape, wildlife or historical interest on all the property it manages, in partnership with the local community.
  • Protecting and maintaining the historic properties which it owns both inside and outside the Square Mile, and ensure that streets and public spaces are designed and maintained to a high standard.
  • Continuing to use its enforcement powers and education to prevent risk to health and damage to the environment.