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City of London street

The City of London has a strong track record in sustainable waste management, being the first London Authority to sort and recycle waste from our streets; and now, more recently we were able to declare that we send zero waste directly to landfill. The City of London also operates an awards scheme for business of all sizes, the Clean City Awards, which promotes and rewards best practice in sustainable waste management and has now been running successfully for 20 years.

The City of London Waste Strategy 2013-2020 (5MB) contains the framework necessary to build on these successes and continue to provide excellent levels of service to our residents and visitors. It also highlights how we will use our influence and expertise to encourage businesses within the Square Mile to take the right decisions to responsibly manage their waste.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

A SEA Determination Report (499KB) of the new Strategy, done in In line with the Environmental Assessment of Programmes and Plans Regulations 2004, found that no significant environmental effects resulted from the updated strategy, and therefore that there was no requirement for a full Strategic Environmental Assessment.​