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Coffee cup

Give your coffee cup one more shot, recycle it with the #SquareMileChallenge

    Coffee cup challenge logo
    Look out for the yellow coffee cup

Why coffee cups?

The UK bins 7m cups a day. That’s 5,000 each minute and 2.5b a year.

And even when they’re put in a mixed recycling bin, only less than 1% are recycled. This is because the plastic lining that makes the cup waterproof cannot be processed through standard recycling channels.

Coffee cup bins

You can find more than 100 recycling points in the City, look for the yellow coffee cup icon in the window of coffee shops where you can recycle any cup, irrespective of the brand.


Find a #SquareMileChallenge bin

  • Ludgate Circus
  • Festival Gardens, St Pauls
  • Bank junction, outside the Royal Exchange
  • Bow Churchyard, Cheapside
  • London Bridge, north end, on the east side of the bridge
  • Bishopsgate, level with the entrance to Liverpool Street station
  • Fenchurch Street Plaza, outside Fenchurch Street station

The challenge

The Square Mile Challenge was launched in April 2017 with the aim of collecting and recycling half a million coffee cups in April alone and 5m by the end of the year.

Get involved

Bin your coffee cups using the dedicated coffee cup recycling bins and join the discussion online with the hashtag #SquareMileChallenge and help us hit our target of half a million cups collected and recycled in April.

About the recycling process

Find out more how the coffee cups are recycled and how they can be reused.

About the Challenge

The Challenge is run by Hubbub, an environmental charity, and Simply Cups, a waste management company, working with the City of London and Network Rail at Liverpool Street station. The project is supported by a number of organisations in the coffee industry including, Benders Paper Cups, Bunzl, Dart, Caffè Nero, Costa, Huhtamaki, Marks & Spencer, McDonalds, Nespresso, Pret a Manger, SEDA Packaging Group and Starbucks.