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Awards assessment

ccas awards

​The selection process

Each year, Clean City Awards Members are able to apply for an award to recognise their efforts and commitment to adopting sustainable waste management practices.

After an initial form-based assessment, our officers carry out a site inspection to assess the waste management practices in place and gather further information on waste minimisation, reuse and recycling initiatives. They look at documentary evidence, such as waste transfer notes to confirm the initiatives are in place and that the applicant is meeting legal requirements.

​Each site is then scored to establish which award - merit, gold, gold commendation and platinum - should be presented to each site. The highest scoring sites in each category - Large Sites, Small Sites and Facilities Managers are invited to present to a panel of judges in order to potentially win the "Chairman's Cup" in their category. This process is known as the Final Judging. 

Those invited to the Final Judging give a short presentation detailing initiatives in place, achievements so far this year and the reasons why they deserve to win the Chairman's Cup. This is followed by questions from the panel. In addition to awarding the Chairman's Cup for each category the judges also award special commendations where they consider there has been an outstanding effort worthy of recognition.

An awards ceremony is held annually in the Mansion House to present the awards and celebrate members' achievements. ​​

26 March 2015
Last Modified:
30 April 2019