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Contact the CCAS Team

The Clean City Awards Scheme team

We are a proactive team and always happy to answer your questions on the Clean City Awards Scheme, including the application process or your site inspection.

As well as being the CCAS team, we are the Recycling team and provide waste and recycling services for City of London households. We are therefore well equipped to help with any questions you may have about recycling.

We work with the Enforcement team, Environmental Health and the Clean Air team.

The members of the CCAS team are:

  • Karen Marks
  • Ryan Clark
  • Louise Stewart
  • Isobelle Burkitt

Contact the CCAS team

020 7606 3110
Email CCAS Team

To tweet the team use @GreenSqMile​​ and the hashtag #CCAScheme​​

23 March 2015
Last Modified:
02 September 2019