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  • Residential
    recycling materials
    Household recycling

    Find out where and what you can recycle in the City

  • Residential
    recyclable materials
    Recycling A to Z

    An A to Z list of recycling and waste items

  • Residential
    icon representing household rubbish
    Household waste

    Non-recyclable waste collections for City residents

  • Residential
    Donations at a Give and Take Day
    Recycling events

    Find details for City of London reuse and recycling events.

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    picture of a couch
    Bulky waste

    Large Items can be removed using our Bulky Waste Collection Service

  • Residential
    Batteries and bulbs recycling icon
    Batteries and light bulbs

    Find out where you can recycle batteries and low energy bulbs

  • Residential
    Man using food waste caddy
    Food waste

    Find out about food waste reduction and recycling

  • Residential
    Collection of hazardous waste chemical in containers and bottles
    Hazardous waste

    Hazardous waste collections and disposal service for residents

  • Residential
    recycling sack
    Clear recycling sacks

    What goes into your clear recycling sack