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City Corporation to launch new Covid-19 Recovery Grant Scheme for Square Mile SMEs

Date updated: 9/10/2021

The air quality data collected by the City of London Corporation is sent to Imperial College London which uses it, along with data collected by London Boroughs, to gauge levels of pollution across the whole of London.

For guidance on the type of action you may need to take when air pollution levels are high visit the Government’s Daily Air Quality Index.

Air Pollution Alerts

The amount of pollution in the City varies from day to day as it is strongly linked to weather conditions. Information about daily levels of air pollution is available from the following sources:

  • The free CityAir app enables users to receive pollution alerts and to find low pollution routes around London.
  • The London Air Quality Network provides daily air pollution forecasts and you can sign up for pollution alerts. You can also see visual air pollution maps that are updated hourly and find out more about recent and historic air quality data from the City of London Corporation's 'continuous' monitoring stations.
  • The City of London is also partnered with AirText. This is another network which provides air pollution alerts for Greater London. By signing up you can receive air pollution alerts either by SMS (text message), email or smartphone.