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Noise strategy and policy

Date updated: 11/11/2020


While there are legal remedies the City of London Corporation can use to minimise nuisance and noise impacts, sustainable reduction of noise and its impacts is complex. It requires a strategic approach entailing action from a wide range of City Corporation departments, businesses and other organisations.

Contact the Public Protection team

​Street works can create noise and dust. The Code of Practice: Minimising the Environmental Impact of Street Works provides advice and guidance to ensure that contractors can complete works whilst minimising adverse environmental exposures and minimise complaints received. The Code details how to engage early, effective liaison, how to demonstrate 'best practicable means', permitted working hours and the process for varying the working hours. 

Contact the Pollution Control Team with any queries on the Code Tel 020 7606 3030, or contact the Public Protection Team.

One of the Noise Strategy actions is to review and keep up to date service delivery policies. This policy describes the scope and standard of service which can be expected when City residents, businesses or others make complaints about noise disturbance. As well as meeting the City's statutory obligation to investigate and take action on noise nuisance, the policy commits to resolving complaints wherever possible and reasonable to do so.​

This code of practice for deconstruction and construction sets out simply and clearly what constitutes acceptable construction and demolition site practice in the City. The Pollution Control Team encourage the use of the best environmental options in planning and managing construction and deconstruction (demolition) in the City of London The team will work with you to achieve flexible solutions for contractors, residents and businesses so please do get in touch directly to discuss any of the issues.​​

What should the City of London Sound like? The Noise Strategy 2016 – 2026 sets the strategic direction for noise policy in the Square Mile. It sets out the actions the City will take and has taken, to maintain or improve the City's soundscape.

We seek to maintain the highest standards of environmental health within the City of London on behalf of all its businesses, workers, residents and visitors. Full details about our Member-approved enforcement policy can be found in our Policy Statement on Enforcement (below).

City of London commissioned a social survey to enhance our understanding of views, perceptions and experience of noise and sound in the City of London. The aim of the research is to enhance understanding and inform relevant strategy and direction.

Code of Practice: Minimising the Environmental Impact of Streetworks PDF (320KB)
Date submitted: 12/03/19

Minimising the Environmental Impact of Street works

Noise Service Delivery Policy PDF (210KB)
Date submitted: 12/11/19

Noise service delivery policy for the City of London pollution team.


Noise complaint policy

Code of Practice for Deconstruction and Construction Sites 9th Edition PDF (1MB)
Date submitted: 12/11/19

Code of Practice for Deconstruction and Construction Sites 9th Edition


City of London Noise Pollution Team

COL Noise Strategy 2016 to 2026 PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 12/11/19

COL Noise Strategy 2016 to 2026

PHPP Enforcement Policy PDF (215KB)
Date submitted: 3/03/20

PHPP Enforcement Policy


City of London noise pollution team

City of London Noise Attitude Survey PDF (3MB)
Date submitted: 12/11/19

City of London Noise Attitude Survey

Noise pollution team