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Water quality

Date updated: 19/05/2023

​Environmental water quality is the responsibility of the Environment Agency. They are responsible for enforcing the standards for all controlled waters including rivers and lakes.

Water in spas and pools in the City of London are sampled on a project basis by our Health and Safety Team.

City of London public drinking water fountains are sampled to ensure compliance with microbiological standards laid down in The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2010.

Drinking water quality is the responsibility of Thames Water which monitors quality through a prescribed sampling programme; results are available on their web site enforcement for production and distribution is by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

If you suspect that there is a problem with your drinking water supply then you should first contact your water supplier for them to investigate. If the matter is not resolved, then you can contact the Drinking Water Inspectorate at:

Drinking Water Inspectorate
Area 4a
Ergon House
Horseferry Road
London SW1P 2AL
Telephone: 0330 041 6501 or email the Drinking Water Inspectorate Team