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Sexual health concept

A variety of services are available at GPs, pharmacies, specialist sexual health clinics and teenage-only health clinics. They are free, confidential and in some cases you can use them anonymously. Support for schools to improve sex and relationship education, is also available.

If you need information or guidance about a sexual health concern, see the NHS Choices website

Come Correct condom scheme

Come Correct provides access to free condoms in a variety of outlets, such as pharmacies, youth clubs and colleges across the borough. Over the last 12 months, more than 80,000 free condoms have been provided to under-25s in the borough.

Chlamydia testing

Check Urself is the London website offering those between 16 and 24 years old free home chlamydia testing and chlamydia treatment. If you have chlamydia symptoms or have received a positive result then find out where to get treatment.

Do It London

The City of London Corporation is proud to support the Do It London campaign, which urges Londoners to get tested for HIV. Testing is the only way to be sure of your HIV status. The earlier you test, the lower the risk of the infection damaging your health. Condoms and other methods, such as PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) are crucial to reducing the risk of HIV transmission. Condoms also protect against other sexually transmitted infections.

Sexual health clinic

80 Leadenhall Street​​ is a brand new sexual health clinic for the City of London, providing sexual health advice, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PEP) and contraception services.

Sexual Health London Programme

The City of London Corporation is the host organisation for Sexual Health London Programme Team, which has two main functions. Firstly to commission on behalf of participating local authorities an e-service, which enables service users to access self-sampling kits to use at home and post to a laboratory where they are tested for common sexually transmitted infections. Test results are managed by a clinical team at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust and include the option of postal treatment for chlamydia . The service is working in partnership with sexual health clinics across the capital.

The second function of the Programme Team, is to coordinate a sexual health governance programme for participating local authorities. This helps local authorities across the capital to work together through a strategic partnership, which includes: a director-level board, a clinical advisory group and a group for commissioners.

The Sexual Health London Programme is all about improving access to sexual health services by responding in new and innovative ways to the increasing demand and changing needs of the population, and in doing so the objective is to provide long term clinically and financially sustainable open access sexual health services across London. The Programme’s membership spans 31 London boroughs.

More information
London Councils
Email : Sexual Health Team.

Our vision for sexual health provision

At all major clinics patients who just need a check-up will have the opportunity to choose to take their own samples. All services will be required to ensure that routine STI screen results are available electronically to patients within 72 hours. Patients who are diagnosed with an STI will be offered a fast track appointment, ideally within 24 hours or will be fast tracked if they present to a walk in service. Improved systems for identifying and notifying contacts of patients with an STI will ensure that resources are targeted at the highest need groups.

Following consultation with patients and clinicians, a vision for sexual health services was developed. This is for a service that provides the very best for patients, delivers the best outcomes and makes the most of our resources. The front door into services for most people will be web based, with a single web address providing patients with information about sexual health, signposting to the most appropriate service for their needs and the ability to order self-sampling tests.

While there may be fewer major centres for people with more complex sexual health needs, the services that are commissioned will be open longer hours and will be properly linked with local services which will be able to meet many people's needs. An online service will complement face to face clinic services. Information will be used to better analyse usage and so help to promote good public health.


Local authorities took on the responsibility for commissioning many sexual health services in April 2013, as part of changes brought in by the Government. The London Sexual Health Services Transformation Programme brought together 29 London boroughs to deliver a new collaborative commissioning model for open access sexual health services. This included Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM), services for the screening and treatment of Sexually Transmitted infections (STIs) and Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (SRH) (community contraceptive services). The aim is to lead the transformation of the way services are delivered to provide measurably improved and cost effective public health outcomes, meet the increasing demand and show better value.

Why change was needed

Change was needed for a number of reasons:

  1. The need for sexual health services in London is significantly higher than across the rest of the country, and continues to rise. This has put considerable strain on existing services.
  2. The current system in London is variable and unclear; many people choose to access services outside of their own borough.
  3. Given the way people use services in London, there is a real opportunity for London boroughs to work together to bring about positive change.
  4. Change was needed to make sure we could respond to current and future financial challenges.