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Date created: 7/24/2020

City and Hackney Covid-19 local outbreak management plan

The current Coronavirus pandemic has underscored the importance of working together, in partnership, to respond to outbreaks of infectious disease. In particular, it has highlighted the importance of having a clear plan and of everyone being aware of each other’s roles and responsibilities in the event of a pandemic.

This COVID-19 Local Outbreak Management Plan (formally our local outbreak control plan) has been written to ensure clarity on operational roles and responsibilities for each responding service and organisation, in response to local clusters, outbreaks or cases in high risk areas, communities or settings within the City of London and/or Hackney. This local plan supports and is supported by national and regional plans and national guidance. In developing this plan, we have drawn on learning from elsewhere, both nationally and internationally, as well as the specific work of the London-wide Chief Executives Group.

Guidance for organisations and businesses

This guidance is created by City and Hackney Public Health as part of our COVID-19 local outbreak control plan. It provides information for prevention, mitigation and control of COVID-19 in various settings listed below. 

It’s intended to keep the setting safe and enables key individuals to know what to do in the event of symptomatic cases of COVID-19 in their setting.

We explain how the test and trace system works locally in relation to symptomatic individuals and to the setting. We also describe how support is activated by Public Health England London Coronavirus Response Cell (PHE LCRC) and City and Hackney Public Health with multi-agency partners.

Rapid COVID-19 tests are designed to test people who do not have COVID-19 symptoms. They provide results on the same day and are available to anyone who needs to leave their home for work or volunteering. This includes critical workers, carers, tradespeople and essential retail workers. We encourage frequent testing for people unable to work from home. Appointments must be booked in advance: book a rapid test.

You can request support or raise a query via a centralised email service , which directs queries to the relevant teams within the Council and the City of London Corporation.

If your query is out of office hours please contact PHE LCRC team on 0300 303 0450.

Please note that guidance is accurate at the time of publication and should be used alongside national guidance.