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Rethink your drink scratch card

Rethink your drink

How often do you have an alcoholic drink?

How many units of alcohol do you consume on a typical day when drinking?

How often do you consume six or more units if female, or eight or more if male, on a single occasion?

These scratch cards are designed to make you think about how much alcohol you consume on average each week. They will help you find out whether your drinking is less likely to develop alcohol related problems, or likely to put your health at risk.

More information

To find out more about the cards and how to get them, email the London Drugs and Alcohol Policy Forum

The evidence of effectiveness and minimum standards for the provision of alcohol identification and brief advice

  • Around 9 million people in England regularly drink above the Government's sensible drinking guidelines.
  • Alcohol is also one of the biggest lifestyle risk factors for disease and death after smoking and obesity.
  • Alcohol related harm is now estimated to cost society £21 billion annually.

The majority of those 9 million drinkers are placing themselves at a greater risk of alcohol related harm as well as placing a huge burden on the community. However the majority of these at risk drinkers can benefit from simple, brief advice delivered by professionals without specialism in alcohol misuse management.

Four reports set out the case for rolling out IBA across the Criminal Justice System, Community Health Settings, Social Care Settings and Hospital Settings.

22 January 2015
Last Modified:
19 February 2019