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Drug driving

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​Drug driving

Most people know about the dangers of drink driving, but are less aware of the risks of driving whilst on other drugs. The number of drivers killed in road accidents with some kind of drug in their bloodstream has increased substantially in the last decade.

Drug taking makes it more difficult to control a vehicle and perception of speeds and distances are altered, whilst concentration and reaction times can be seriously reduced.

If you are stopped by the police for drug driving, penalties can be as severe as those for drink driving.​

Party People​

The LDAPF teamed up with the London Ambulance Service and the Greater London Authority to help Londoners plan safe celebrations during the festive season.

Every year the ambulance service is called to help more and more people who become ill after too much drinking especially during the party time in December. Following its success last year, the campaign is to be repeated in December 2015.

28 January 2015
Last Modified:
22 August 2018