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No myths. No hype. Just facts.

Whether you are taking drugs, alcohol, medicines or herbal substances, or you are concerned for a friend or family member, this guide will tell you their effects, the risks you take, and how to deal with problems. You should know what the law says, what medics say and how to stay safe.

Vitalinfo (619KB)

Tackling alcohol problems in the night time economy

The night time economy is a complex policy area to tackle, involving a broad range of agencies. This guide is based on different approaches that are being taken to reduce alcohol related harm, protect health and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour linked to urban centre night life.

Tackling alcohol problems in the night time economy (505KB)

​Drugs at the Door

Guidance for venues and staff on handling drugs

This document is based on the principle that the nighttime economy is most effectively and safely managed when club owners/managers/event organisers work in partnership with local police and licensing authorities. It is designed to provide guidance on the installation and management of drug amnesty boxes (or bins). Essentially these are secure boxes in which suspected illegal drugs or legal highs can be safely deposited.

Drugs at the door (4MB)

​Safer nightlife

Best practice for those concerned about drug use and the night-time economy

This guide brings together in one place up-to-date legislation, information and best practice from a wide range of sources. It is based on the belief that the safety of pub and club goers is the responsibility of everyone involved in sanctioning, organising and running licensed premises which are open late.

It is particularly aimed at

  • Owners and managers of pubs and clubs
  • Events promoters, including those responsible for licensing and policing music
  • Drug (and Alcohol) Action Teams
  • Those providing substance misuse, sexual health, medical or general welfare services at music and dance events

Safer nightlife (20KB)