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Tackling alcohol and drugs in the workplace

Did you know?

  • Alcohol related sickness absence costs business over £2 billion a year
  • 22% of London businesses reported absenteeism due to drug misuse
  • Many prescribed and over-the counter medications can impair individual performance
  • 45.1% of 16-24 year olds have experimented with illicit drugs
  • 15.1% of this group have used an illicit drug within the last month
  • 25% of those seeking assistance with their drug problem are in work
  • The majority of people with drink problems are in employment

This toolkit seeks to address the issues which businesses face around alcohol and drug use in a useful and accessible way. The aim is to boost employers’ confidence in being able to tackle these problems effectively.

It does not provide off-the-shelf solutions for every situation.


  • If the involvement of staff is encouraged, the policy is more likely to be effective
  • Thousands succeed in returning as effective members of workforces

What it does provide is a sound basis upon which a company can build an effective response to the problems of substance misuse. Particularly, since it has been recognised that smaller companies, lacking in-house human resource departments, may be in particular need of help and advice.

For some years the LDAPF and its partners have been the lead organisations in this field and have been represented on the Home Office Workplace initiative, as well as delivering policy advice and training to major companies.

Tackling alcohol and drugs in the workplace (1MB)