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As a homeowner - a leaseholder or freeholder - on one of the City of London Corporation's housing estates, you are responsible for:

  • all repairs within your own property
  • service charges

If you have a defect in your property that may be affecting other residents/ properties (such as a leak) you must arrange for your own contractor to attend as soon as you are aware of the problem.

If you are a tenant of a homeowner, your own landlord is responsible for repairs within your home, not the City Corporation.

However, the City Corporation is responsible for the maintenance of communal areas.

In addition, the City Corporation owns the freehold of all of its accommodation (except freehold properties) therefore it has the legal responsibility to maintain and repair outside items, such as roofs, windows, lifts etc.

Leaseholders must contribute financially to the cost of improvement works.

We have a dedicated Leaseholder Team that ensures all leaseholders are informed and consulted on works where they will be required to make a financial contribution (of over £250).

Contact the Home Ownership Team on telephone 020 7332 1647/3208 or email the Home Ownership Team.

Home Ownership
3 Lauderdale Place
London, EC2Y 8EN

Gas safety

Homeowner responsibility on gas safety checks​

The City of London Corporation has no legal responsibility on gas safety for sold or leased property on their estates but promotes and encourages leaseholders to have their gas appliances serviced on a regular basis by offering the same contract to all our leaseholders.

It is down to the discretion of the owners to have their gas appliances checked.

Again, this would be done on a yearly basis and always by a registered Gas Safe installer.

You can find your nearest registered Gas Safety Checker in the following ways:

  • City of London - TSG Building Services Plc leaseholder gas service (see offer below).
  • Look in a business directory like Yellow Pages or Thomson.
  • Visit Gas Safe Register or telephone Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500.

Gas servicing offer by TSG Building Services Plc

TSG Building Services Plc will undertake an annual gas service, appropriate safety checks and provide breakdown repairs service cover for a yearly fee of £193.14 (including VAT and administration charge).

Your heating system will be serviced by TSG Building Services Plc to ensure it meets current standards. You will be responsible for any repairs required following this initial service and this can be done using the negotiated competitive rates. Following this, your comprehensive maintenance agreement will cover you for all labour and spare parts on any normal breakdown or repair such as any replacement parts required for your boiler, replacement of any radiators or valves and any electronic control items.

If you are a long lease holder and would be interested in this service please contact the Gas Manager, who will provide you with the necessary information and application form.

020 7332 1141

Email: Gas Servicing Team.

Department of Community & Children Services – Property Services
3 Lauderdale Place
London, EC2Y 8EN


​​Homeowners can sub-let all or part of their property. If you wish to do so you must send us the following:

  • An £80 registration fee. Please make cheques payable to 'City of London'.
  • A copy of your agreement with your tenant.
  • Your new address.
  • A contact telephone number.

Please complete the Homeowners Contact Details form (185KB) and send to: 

Home Ownership Team
3 Lauderdale Place
London, EC2Y 8EN

Please also be aware that you are responsible for the servicing of your gas appliances.

Should you have any queries please contact the Home Ownership Team on 020 7332 3208/1647.

Alterations and improvements

​All residents can carry out minor repairs and improvements to their home as long as they obtain permission first.

Permission will usually be granted so long as the alteration does not affect the structure and the resident agrees to comply with any conditions made.

If residents would like further information or wish to discuss any alternations, they should contact their Estate Manager.

Alternation and improvement procedure

  1. All lessees must provide full details of the proposed works to their Estate Manager including any drawings and specifications required in order to consider their application. This also applies to requests for retrospective consent by lessees. There is an application fee payable for approval applications.
  2. The proposed works should be acknowledged by the Estate Manager within five working days and residents will also be sent a copy of our standard terms and conditions relating to alterations and improvements.
  3. If the Estate Manager is happy with the proposed works, and satisfied with the information provided by the resident or their contractor, then full details should be referred to our Technical Division for technical approval.
  4. If further information is required by the Property Services one of their officers will liaise directly with the resident or their contractor directly.
  5. If the tenant or lessee still wishes to proceed with the proposed alteration or improvement they must provide any further information required and copies of all required consents before the Property Services will consider the application further. Failure to comply within 28 days will automatically result in their application being declined.
  6. Once Property Services approval is granted the Estate Manager will then write to the tenant or lessee with Landlords Consent. Please remember that you may also need to get planning, listed building and building regulation permission before you start work. You will have to pay for the work yourself and it must be done to a proper standard. We may need to inspect when the job is completed, so please let us know.

For further info please email the Property Services Team, or visit your local Estate Office.

New owner

​When you have purchased a property on any of our housing estates, you need to let us know you are the new owner.

This includes those housing estates run by the City of London Corporation but located outside the Square Mile.

In order for us to register the flat in your name we need the following from your solicitor:

  • A Notice of Transfer and Notice of Mortgage (if any).
  • A copy of the Transfer deed and Mortgage deed (if any).
  • Registration fee for each Notice.

If your solicitor does not send us these documents, we will continue to address all letters, including bills, to the previous owner.

If you have bought a house, your solicitor needs to send in a deed of covenant. They do not need to send us a fee.

Please complete the Homeowners Handbook (185KB) and send to:

Home Ownership Team
3 Lauderdale Place
London, EC2Y 8EN

Buying your own home

​Right to Buy

If you are a secure tenant of the City of London Corporation you probably have the legal right to buy your home.

The Right to Buy means that you can buy your home, usually for less than on the open market. This is because you will get a discount calculated on the amount of time you have been a secure tenant.  

The current maximum discount in cash terms for the South East region is £108,000. 

The cost of buying your home

Having bought your home, you would normally then be required to contribute to the upkeep of your estate and maintenance of your home by way of a service charge. These charges can sometimes be expensive but you would be given notice of their estimated cost before you decide to buy your home. 

For further information please go to the Your Right to Buy website.

Should you have any queries concerning buying your property please contact the Home Ownership Team on 020 7332 3208/1647.​

Service Charges

​When you have bought your property, you will have to contribute to the cost of managing and maintaining your block and estate. These charges are called service charges.

Service charges can vary and will depend on the level of work and services provided. Service charges include costs for repairs, insurance, communal lighting, and services such as caretaking and cleaning, supervision and management, maintenance and improvements.

Read the Owners' Handbook (485KB) which provides guidance on owning your home.

​Under the terms of the lease, the quarterly service charge should be paid in full by the quarter due dates. These dates are 24 June, 29 September, 25 December and 25 March.

How to pay your service charge

You can pay us in the following ways:

  • By bank standing order - please contact your Home Ownership Officer.
  • By direct debit - please contact your Home Ownership Officer.
    online via internet banking - details are on the back of the invoice.
  • By cash or cheque to the Barbican Estate Office, 3 Lauderdale Place, Barbican, London EC2Y 8EN.
  • By post to the Chamberlain of London, City of London, PO Box 270 Guildhall, London EC2P 2EJ.
  • Leaving a cheque at your estate office (not cash).

Always remember to quote your five digit account number when making a payment. This number can be found on your invoice.

Please make cheques payable to 'City of London Corporation'.

If you are having difficulties in paying your service charge please contact your Home Ownership Officer immediately so an arrangement can be made for you to pay by instalments.

To contact the Home Ownership Team please telephone 020 7332 3208/1647.

If you need further help please contact Toynbee Hall who offers free financial advice to City of London residents.

Estimated and actual service charges

The estimated service charge is billed quarterly in arrears in June, September, December and March.

Please note however that the actual expenditure, and therefore the resulting service charge liability attributable to individual flats, may vary from the published estimates.

The actual service charge or credit is included in the September invoices.

More Information