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Healthy Homes; Vibrant Communities – Our Housing Strategy for 2019-23

The City of London has launched a new housing strategy (3MB) that sets out our vision and plans for City Corporation homes and estates for the next four years, in the Square Mile and elsewhere. We have also launched a dashboard (157KB) to monitor and report on our performance.

It sets out how we will start to deliver our ambition:

  • To create new social and mixed tenure homes
  • To renew our housing stock through our £55 million Major Works programme
  • To improve fire safety
  • To manage our housing and estates effectively
  • To develop the role of homes and estates in public health, social wellbeing and cultural activity
  • To house vulnerable people and support them to stay in their homes
  • To develop resident engagement, customer services and tenancy support.

The Strategy is intended to provide a clear and comprehensive ‘top level’ statement of our vision and plans for housing in the next four years, as well as a guide for those with a responsibility for implementation and a tool by which we can be held accountable for delivery.

Housing Asset Management Strategy 2015-2020

We produced a draft Housing Asset Management Strategy (565KB) for the next five years that sets out our vision for housing in the City and our estates in neighbouring areas from 2015 - 2020.

We will use our strategy to help us deliver the following key priorities:

  • increase the supply of homes
  • provide homes that are secure, can be economically heated, are free from damp and can be adapted to accommodate changing needs
  • continue to implement the Decent Homes Standard and enhance this standard by developing a new City of London Housing Standard
  • develop and deliver a new letting standard to all empty properties
  • deliver value for money across capital investment, responsive repairs and the re-letting of empty properties.

Planned major works

Planned major works on the City of London housing estates are generally split into two types:

  • revenue projects, which are cyclical works like the five-year external painting, major repairs to boundary walls, refurbishment of cold water tanks etc. and minor improvements, like installing a new item of play equipment
  • capital projects, large schemes like renewal of windows, roofs, lifts etc. and take several months or years to plan and implement.

We also promote energy efficiency initiatives, undertake the energy rating of the housing stock and assessments under the Housing health & safety rating system for compliance with the Decent Homes Standard.

Draft Policies for Consultation

“We are reviewing numerous housing management policies during 2018/19 and will publish draft policies here for consultation purposes. If you would like to make comments or suggestions on any of these policies, please email the Community Engagement Team. Please state in the subject line which policy you are commenting on.

You can also send any written comments on these policies to your local estate office.

This is the planned timetable for policy renewals and consultations in 2018/19 (309KB). This is subject to change and will be updated regularly”.

Homelessness or at risk

Homelessness Strategy for 2014-2019 and other statistics and figures.

Resident Communications and Engagement Strategy 2017-2019

Home Energy Conservation Act 2013

Housing Policies

06 October 2015
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24 September 2019