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What is a Tenancy visit?

Over the next six months we will be visiting all our tenants in their homes. This is to make sure our homes are safe and that people who should be living in our homes are keeping to their tenancy agreements.

What happens at a Tenancy visit?

We will make sure the information we have about you and whoever lives with you is up to date, including any emergency contact information. We will complete a standard form with you to ensure we have the most up to date information on you and anyone who lives with you.

We will need to see your identification which we will photograph and put on your tenancy file. This will include one government issued I.D. (passport/driving license) with a photograph and one with your name and address.

We will carry out a brief inspection of both the inside and outside of your home and may need to take some photographs and measurements. This means that we have a record of any repairs, alterations or adaptations.

We will discuss any support needs you may have that you are currently not receiving, and give advice on welfare benefits and other housing services. We will also provide Information on Fire Safety and check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms during the visit.

We will make sure you have an opportunity to ask us any questions you may have about your tenancy and circumstances that we can pass on to a Housing Officer.

Why are you asking for this information?

We need to make sure that the information we hold about all our residents is accurate and up to date so that the services we provide are meeting the needs of all residents.

We also want to be sure that our homes are being properly used and occupied and that there is no fraud or other illegal activity taking place in our homes. You have responsibilities as part of your agreement with City of London Corporation, and the tenancy visit gives us an opportunity to discuss these with you and make sure we know if you need any help.

If tenancy fraud or property misuse is identified during the visit, we may need to take further action. If you believe tenancy fraud may be occurring, please contact your estate manager or the City of London Fraud hotline on 020 7332 3663.

How will the visit be arranged?

We will be in touch with you again shortly before we start visits on your estate. If you are not in when we call, we will leave a card so we can arrange to visit when you are in. Occasionally, we may do visits out of office hours. Our visiting Officers will always have I.D. with them.

Do I have to allow the visit?

Yes, access to your home is mandatory and as your landlord, we have a right to enter and inspect our homes and an obligation to know who lives in them. If there are any special circumstances that we need to be aware of, please let us know as soon as we contact you. If you have a pre-arranged appointment, we will expect you to let us know as soon as possible if you can’t make it for any reason.

How long will it last?

The visit will take approximately forty-five minutes, although it can take longer or shorter, depending on circumstances.

If you have any concerns or questions about your tenancy or the visit programme please email Project Manager, Dean Robinson or call on 020 7332 1653.