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Date created: 7/29/2020

The Community Engagement Team are an out and about group working to support our communities on and around our estates. We support resident, City and partner-led community initiatives, run events, lead on resident communications and run the Golden Lane Community Centre.

Email the Community Engagement Team

We work with residents, partners and local organisations to develop and empower communities to have an active voice in their local area. We do this through activities, engagement and capacity building for people and organisations. This helps us build strong, safe and cohesive communities on our estates. We lead on resident communications, running the Housing User Board, an online consultation group, and the Community Events newsletter. We also manage the recently refurbished Golden Lane Community Centre in conjunction with a resident Advisory Board.

Our estates have a range of activities and events that you can be involved in throughout the year. We can also support you to run your own events and activities on your estate. You can also get involved

  • Volunteer opportunities, such as at the Golden Lane Community Centre or as part of Aldgate in Winter
  • Earn Time Credits for setting up a group or helping your community through a wide array of activities and volunteering opportunities For full details on how time credits work, where you can earn and spend them, see the We are Tempo website.
  • To find out what is happening on your estate please contact your Estate Manager, or get in touch with the email the Community Engagement Team.

People Where I Live - A Community Gallery Project

A collaborative art project open to residents of all ages across the City of London estates. This project is now closed as we have given out over 100 art packs! You can check out our People Where I Live gallery to see the pieces created so far. 

Aldgate in Winter and beyond...

Together, let’s make Aldgate the brightest light in London!

A two week programme of online events and small local light exhibitions was produced in December 2020, moving into Spring there are more projects to get involved in for people of all ages!

Petticoat Lane Project

What does Petticoat Lane mean to you?

Join us in an exploration and celebration of the area’s rich textile history. Find out more email the Community Engagement Team, or let us know what Petticoat Lane means to you.

Resident involvement is how you, as a City of London tenant or homeowner, can influence what services you receive from us. You are the best people to tell us what works well and where we can do better, and your involvement makes a real difference.

Throughout the year we run a number of consultations, surveys and open meetings so you can express your views and opinions.

Stay updated on what's going on in the City and on our estates by signing up to our events newsletter. We feature new events and projects every month, if you are running or know of something you would like to see featured, email the Community Engagement Team to let us know.

See our City Events Newsletter past issues.

Community Events Toolkit PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 7/29/20

Some photos from our events and projects: