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COVID-19 Financial support

Date created: 6/09/2020

Emergency Support Scheme

The scheme provides in-kind support wherever possible, rather than cash grants, and may be available to you if you are experiencing a crisis or an emergency.

If you are employed and need to self-isolate, but cannot work from home, there is financial support available. Visit the COVID-19: what to do if you’re employed and cannot work page on the Government website for more information.

If you live or study in the City of London, or live on a City Corporation estate, you can access free, confidential and impartial advice on a range of issues, including debt and employment, through the City Advice service.

They can give advice and help to apply for government benefits to help with rent, council tax and other costs. They can also see if you can get extra help from the City Corporation’s Emergency Support Scheme or access to other support.

If you or someone you know is having money worries or if you are struggling to buy essential things like food, contact City Advice.

  • Call City Advice, 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday on 020 7392 2919
  • Email the City Advice Team

Speak with an advisor today to find out what help and support is available for you.

Other financial support

Support for people in hardship

The pandemic has affected people in many and often multiple ways (illness, mental health, loneliness, loss of income, etc) and, while most of us have been adversely impacted in one way or another, for some the impact has been particularly acute and has created great financial hardship.

Whilst the City Corporation’s charity, Bridge House Estates (and its grant-making arm the City Bridge Trust) has been at the forefront of offering support to London’s charitable organisations there are other funders and charities who specialise in offering financial and other support to individuals and families facing hardship. If you know of anyone who might be affected in this way please do let them know of some of the following sources of practical and financial support:

As well as these there are many other local neighbourhood schemes and initiatives (for example the SE15 Community Fund) which can offer a range of help. Often the best way to find these is via your local authority’s website (for example do a google search for “hardship funds Lambeth” or similar).

Current Housing Benefit Claimants

If you are currently receiving Housing Benefit and your income has reduced or stopped please contact the Benefits Team or call 020 7332 1343 for advice on how this change will affect your Housing Benefit entitlement and whether or not you should make a claim for Universal Credit or continue with your current claim for Housing Benefit and Tax Credits (if in payment).

Your income has stopped or ended, and you are worried about paying your rent

If you and your partner - if you have one - are both above State Pension Age you may be able to make a claim for Housing Benefit. Please contact the Benefits Team by email or call 020 7332 3937 (9:15am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) and we will arrange for a claim form to be sent to you.

Housing Benefit is being replaced by Universal Credit for working age households. This includes households where one member of a couple is below pension age.

Universal Credit

Make a claim for Universal Credit.

Universal Credit pays monthly in arrears and it can be difficult to get a claim backdated. So do not delay in making a claim.

However, if you or your partner are receiving any earned income which is due to end, it may be best to wait until the last payment has been received before submitting your claim – even if the work has ended prior to this. This is because any payments received within the monthly assessment period count as income even if they relate to a prior period.

If you need making a claim for Universal Credit, please call the Help to Claim number 0800 1448 444