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Date updated: 9/17/2021

At present, there are a number of major works projects underway that will repair and improve the Golden Lane Estate. The Golden Lane Major Works Core Officer Group has been formed to ensure a consistent approach to communication, programming and delivery of these works in line with the original vision for the Golden Lane Estate and its listed requirements. Details of the current projects are listed below.

Leaseholder Payments PDF (450KB)
Date submitted: 12/23/19

A brief guide for leaseholders paying for major repairs on their property. 

The works to convert the ground floor of Great Arthur House to two new flats and a refurbished estate office are continuing and we are expecting to finish the project at the end of September 2021.  There will be some noisy works during the prescribed hours this will be closely monitored and will reduce as the works progress. The estate office is now functioning from the respite room on the lower ground floor.

We are still looking to resolve the issue with the balcony door handles, but suitable replacements are proving very difficult to source. We will continue to try and resolve this issue with Engie, and John Robertson Architects and we will keep residents updated on the progress made.

Regarding the remaining defects, Engie are continuing to address individual items and we continue to monitor these.

Our work on the compartmentation project recognises that the sprinkler installation is fundamental to all the compartmentation upgrades and without the installation of the sprinklers any compartmentation work would be significantly less successful.

The intention is to follow up again with the sprinkler project team once the planning consultation has been completed. We will then assess the outcome of the planning consultation and with this in mind the detailed design of the compartmentation will resume once there is a final, and approved design for the sprinkler installation.

We have now appointed a communications consultant (Thorncliffe) on the windows project. Their brief also includes a requirement to undertake detailed consultations with residents at Great Arthur House for the fire compartmentation project.

We will be arranging further consultations with the Great Arthur House residents and we will contact you to confirm dates and times once these have been agreed and the outcome of the planning application for the sprinkler project is known.

As mentioned previously, the site and property inspections have now been completed and we are reviewing the range of options submitted by the consultants. We will now be engaging more closely with City Corporation Planning team in refining the scope of works. We have also recently met with City Corporation Energy Team and are in discussion with them on how the project aligns with carbon reduction strategies as well as the work being undertaken on the Windows project.

Considerations of the heating system will be dependant to a large extent on the scope of the works being undertaken on the windows project.

As we progress with the planning and detailed design work on the windows project this will enable us to determine the scope of the works required on this project, and we will be aligning both projects to comply, as far as is practicable with City Corporation’s Climate Change Strategy.

As the windows project progresses into the next stages, we will continue to keep you updated on the heating project. 

ISG are currently on-site undertaking construction works to deliver 66 new social homes and a new primary school. As a local authority, we are committed to smart, safe and motivated working. During these difficult times, we must ensure that we operate 'Business Continuity'. This means having a robust plan in place in order to keep moving forward, contribute to the economy, keep our workforce mobilised and ensure we are in the best possible position to deliver for the local community.

We would like to assure you that the team on-site is working tirelessly to ensure the site operations go above and beyond the Government guidelines. All our contractors are aware of the standards they must uphold, and we revisit these daily at on-site briefings.

We are pleased to inform you that the City of London Primary Academy Islington has moved its resources to the school buildings and is now open at the start of the new school year for September 2021. 

Upon reaching this key milestone in the development, we are delighted to be able to share some information on ISG social value, photographs of the school and a statement from the Chair of Governors on our COLPAI project website under the latest newsletter.

Online Public Webinar

On Thursday 23 September 2021 at 7pm, an online public webinar is being held to provide an update on the works taking place on-site. The webinar will provide members of the community an opportunity to ask the project team questions. The webinar will be recorded and available to view on our project website following the session.

To register for the webinar please visit the COLPAI project website, you will receive an automatic reminder prior to the start of the event with the link to join the webinar.

Working Hours

The consented working hours are:

  • Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday - 9am  to 2pm

The consented reduced impact hours are:

  • Monday to Friday 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm 

On-Site Security

ISG now have a security guard on site full time from 7am to 6.30pm.  CCTV security cameras are now monitoring the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  City Corporation also has CCTV monitoring of the site in place.    

KEY CONTACTS For site emergencies, please contact: (Please note contact details have changed). 

John Macleod, T: 07816 337 792

Stephen Beattie, T: 07816 418 156

For general enquiries, please email COLPAI Project team or  call 0800 772 0475

Please visit our project website to view monthly monitoring data results. The monitoring data is also available on the site noticeboard.

We would encourage everyone to opt in to the digital newsletter by visiting our COLPAI project website or emailing the COLPAI Project team to ensure we are able to stay in touch should physical distributions become unsustainable.

Residents are able to view Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) for Golden Lane via the City of London Housing Fire Safety web page.

All residents of Great Arthur House will have received a letter with the latest updates on the fire safety works with the following information.

Important notice - To maintain integrity of the fire alarm system and to prevent unnecessary activation:

  • Do NOT paint or cover the detector
  • Do NOT tamper with the detector

The detectors will require annual maintenance including inspections. Should there be a fault or if you have any queries or concerns, please contact the Estate Office on 020 7253 2556.

A functional fire alarm has been installed and set as a phase evacuation, where the fire alarm activates from the two floors above and one below will evacuate the building, and the remaining floors will receive an intermittent beep to standby.

Should any resident have questions about the alarm system, including the evacuation process, please contact the Estate Office.

The Fire Brigade currently deliver free Home Fire Safety Visits every year and with the visits they will also fit fire alarms in all areas where fires can start, including bedrooms and living rooms.

The London Fire Brigade now provide specialist alarms for deaf people/people with hearing impairments. They can provide standalone alarm systems and replacement alarm heads for bellman systems as part of a Home Fire Safety Visit. The alarms are free of charge and are fitted as part of the Home Fire Safety Visit.

If you are interested in receiving a visit from the London Fire Brigade or would like further information on the fire alarms, please call Freephone 0800 028 4428 or email the Fire Brigade.

The first live consultation event for Crescent House was held on 28 June 2021, with the aim of addressing the concerns expressed by planners and stakeholders regarding the level of public consultation undertaken. The complexities wrought by recent restrictions have hampered the usual way in which consultation would have been conducted, and we recognised that residents wanted an opportunity to have a meaningful interaction with the project team.

This consultation focused on explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options previously mentioned to residents, namely: refurbishment, secondary glazing, replacement with double-glazing or replacement with triple-glazing.

Following the recent appointment of the communications consultant and quantity surveyor the new consultants have been working alongside the Major Works project Team, Studio Partington Architects and Grade Planning and familiarising themselves with the complexities of the project.

We are now looking to facilitate the next stage of the consultations with Crescent house residents. This will be a face to face consultation, followed up a few days later with an online event. Our aim will be to present residents with outline costs for the set of proposals, prior to the submission of any planning applications.

The face to face event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 27 September 2021 from 4pm to 8pm. The event will be held at Capeli Cymraeg Llundain, 70 Fann Street, EC1Y 0SA.

The follow up online event will take place on Thursday 30 September 2021 from 7pm.

Residents will receive letters notifying them of the events, and notices will go up on the notice boards.

Once the next stage of the consultation for crescent House has been completed the project team will be taking a similar approach on all of the other blocks across the Estate.

The City Corporation Transportation team are hoping to implement a scheme on Beech Street which will have an impact on some Barbican and Golden Lane Estate residents and their driving routes. You can find out more information on the Beech Street web page.

The City Corporation has made a commitment to install retrofitted water suppression sprinklers inside all of our resident’s properties, located in our tower blocks. These works are an essential part of our commitment to upgrading the fire safety systems installed in our residential tower blocks. The sprinklers will be installed in the habitable rooms inside residents’ flats including the kitchen, living room, bedroom/s, bathroom and externally on the balcony. They are a sophisticated and modern approach to fire safety, being designed to not activate accidentally and also only above the source of the fire. The residential tower blocks include Great Arthur House.

The installation of the sprinklers will now commence in Great Arthur House in May 2022 and be finished by November 2022.  Due to the challenges in delivering the project in the other blocks at Avondale Estate and Middlesex Street's Petticoat Tower, the programme has been pushed back slightly.  

Great Arthur House Sprinkler Booklet PDF(5.5MB)
Date submitted: 6/18/21

Information on the Retrofit Sprinklers for Great Arthur House. 

Great Arthur House Sprinkler Information PDF (3MB)
Date submitted: 6/22/21

Questions and Answers for the Sprinkler Installations at Great Arthur House. 

Great Arthur House - Validation Letter (200KB)
Date submitted: 7/28/21

Re: Listed Building application validated for the installation of a new sprinkler system throughout Great Arthur House