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  • Stanley Cohen House
    Tiling on Stanley Cohen House

At present, there are a number of major works projects underway that will repair and improve the Golden Lane Estate. The Golden Lane Major Works Core Officer Group has been formed to ensure a consistent approach to communication, programming and delivery of these works in line with the original vision for the Golden Lane Estate and its listed requirements. Details of the current projects are listed below. This information was updated Friday 31 August 2018.

Cullum Welch House Concrete Testing and Repairs

Unfortunately, there has been a delay regarding the engineer's design for the new balustrade replacements.  The complexity of the design of the balustrades has exceeded our expectations and has therefore taken longer to design and agree.  This has now thankfully been concluded and the contractor is pushing forward with the manufacture of a sample balustrade.  This should take approximately three to four weeks.  

Golden Lane Estate Concrete Repairs

The concrete repair works are continuing to be delivered on site by our contractor Engie UK. Basterfield House has had the investigation works competed and the reinstatement of the repairs is taking place.  This should be completed by the end of August 2018.  Cuthbert Harrowing investigation works are progressing via the use of cradles from the roof.  This will be followed by reinstatement of the repairs. This block is scheduled to be finished by the middle of November, although we are running ahead of schedule, this will hopefully mean that we will be completed sooner.  On Hatfield House, the marking up (drawing lines on the location of the repairs) has started and breaking out works (drilling where the repairs are located) are also underway.  Once this has been completed, reinstatement of the repairs will begin.

At Crescent House, we have installed three sample repairs but the finish and appearance has not been quite right and City of London officers are not satisfied that the match is not close enough yet.  Another two samples have been installed following amendments to the concrete mix and it is hoped these will be acceptable. A site visit with Planning is being arranged as soon as possible to view these samples.  Once the sample has been agreed the opening up (investigation works) and reinstatement works will proceed as quickly as possible so as to remove the scaffold as soon as the high-level repairs are complete.  Stanley Cohen House, most of the breaking-out works (drilling where the repairs are located) are complete and reinstatement works of the repairs are due to start at the end of August 2018.

Any noisy works will be carried out between 10am to 4pm. You can contact the Senior Contracts Manager Leigh Fussell on 020 7490 8851 if you have any queries regarding the concrete repairs.

Great Arthur House - Conversion of Base to Residential Units

The planning application is due to be considered at the 11 September 2018 Planning Committee meeting.  We can then be able to advise on the outcome of the application.   

You can view progress of the planning application using the application reference number PP-0699110v1.

Great Arthur House

Practical completion of the curtain wall and window replacement works was achieved in August, although there are some works which still need to be addressed, and will be dealt with over the coming months.  As previously advised, the works are covered by a defects period until August 2019. Any non-urgent defects will be dealt with at the end of the defects period but any urgent matter can be reported through the normal response repair channels.  

Great Arthur House - Front Door Replacements

We have submitted a Planning application and are awaiting approval so that we can remove a door to conduct testing.  A proposed design has been submitted as an interim replacement and we are also waiting for approval for this. 

This process is taking longer than anticipated, and we have reviewed the likely timescales involved in getting the planning permissions, as well as the lead in times to have the doors tested and results analysed.  At present, the estimated dates for the full programme of works to start is likely to be October 2019.  

Electrical Testing Programme

Our contractors Guardian Consultancy has commenced works on Golden Lane Estate, 162 properties have now been completed since the project went live on the 23 July on the Golden Lane Estate and Middlesex Street Estate.  The electrical testing program also includes the testing of up to five household appliances. 

Any non-urgent defects that are determined under the testing will be looked at and addressed separately from the project.  Works are due to be completed in September 2018.

Boiler Replacement Programme

Residents who are scheduled to have their boilers replaced will be contacted shortly to arrange access.  The team are coordinating with the decent homes project, to ensure boilers and decent homes are completed at the same time where possible.

COLPAI Project

Come and meet the team to discuss upcoming works for the redevelopment of the site of the former Richard Cloudesley School.

A Drop-in Session for the project took place in the Golden Lane Estate Community Centre on Tuesday 7 August 2018 from 5pm to 7pm.  The Drop-in Session was an opportunity for the local community to meet the Project Team and discuss the upcoming works, including working hours, mitigation of noise, dust and vibration, hoarding, site access routes and parking. 

Representatives from the City London, ISG and Comm Comm UK were on hand to discuss the project and answer any queries.  Copies of the draft Construction Management Plan and Demolition Construction and Logistics Plans were available alongside display boards of the key plans from the documents in large format. 

Following requests from some local residents, the boards will be displayed in the Golden Lane Estate Office.  A feedback letter(1.79MB) has been issued to all who attended and local stakeholders.  

Please get in touch with us if you would like to share your thoughts, have any queries about the project or would like to subscribe to email updates.  You can get in touch with the team via our website , or write to us at

Lighting and Wayfinding

An amended Lighting and Wayfinding brief has been received and reviewed. The City are now assessing the next steps. Download the last minutes for the residents meeting (1MB) on 13 December 2017.

For up to date information, email the Project Manager Leila Ben Hassel,

Stock Condition Surveys

Stock Condition Surveys on the Golden Lane Estate, carried out by Savills, have now completed, with an access rate of 84%. Draft reports have been reviewed by Officers. An executive summary will be widely distributed by the Estate, details will be available on this webpage.

Fire Safety

Residents are able to view Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) for Golden Lane via the City of London Housing Fire Safety webpage.

All residents of Great Arthur House will have received a letter with the latest updates on the fire safety works. In line with this, Officers have also produced a leaflet on the fire alarm(112KB).

Residents will continue to be updated with progress on this web page, via estate monthly updates, direct contact from Officers and on the Golden Lane Estate Facebook page.

Fire Safety Works

The testing of the Fire Detectors has been completed and certificates will be issued shortly.  The residents wanting their conduits painted needed to let the Estate Office know by the end of August 2018.  We thank the residents for their patience and cooperation as we improve safety measures for residents.  

Window Programme

The invitation to tender for the services of a Design Team went live in July 2018, but unfortunately there had not been a great response which meant that we had to go out to tender again at the end of August 2018

Once the Design Team is in place we will be assessing which Estate will need to be prioritised, and once we have an agreed programme of dates for each Estate we will communicate this to the residents as we prepare to go out to tender for the works contract.

Gullies and Drainage

Minor repairs to gullies and drainage services are planned across all our estates during the autumn. A five-year service contract for maintenance and clearing will then be procured.

Decent Homes

We have now completed one pilot property and currently working on another pilot property on the Golden Lane Estate.  We are officially expected on site at the end of September 2018 according to TSG's programme of works, where we will carry out decent homes works starting off with Crescent House.  

The kitchen designer from Symphony and City of London's Planning Officer will be revisiting all the properties on the decent homes program, to confirm the kitchen designs with the tenants.  Once the designs have been signed off by the tenants, orders will be placed for the kitchens.

Redecorations Works

Crescent House redecoration programme is still on schedule and due to be complete in early September.  Could residents please contact the Estate Office before any plants are relocated on the balconies of the block.  Works will then be moving onto Great Arthur House; these works will commence from Monday 3 September 2018.  A newsletter along with the programme was distributed to the block in the week commencing 27 August 2018.

During the works, residents will need to remove external plants and other items to allow full access. The Estate Office will be contacting residents regarding a temporary storage area for these items during the works. If you have any queries relating to the storage, please contact the Estate Office.

Water Tank Replacement

The tenders have been submitted and tender assessments are underway, these are expected to be completed by early August 2018.  

Leaseholder Payment Options

The City of London recognises that it can be difficult for some leaseholders to pay for the cost of major works to their property in one go. We therefore have a number of ways to support you with this. Download the guide on payment options for leaseholders (449KB).

Conservation Management Plan

City Officers are developing a new Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the Golden Lane Estate. The aim of the CMP is to provide clear guidance for officers, consultants and contractors when carrying out repairs, maintenance and refurbishment works on the Estate. All the residents who expressed an interest have been contacted regarding the formation of a working group.

Facebook Link

A link to this page is now available from the Golden Lane Estate Facebook page.

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