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  • Stanley Cohen House
    Tiling on Stanley Cohen House

At present, there are a number of major works projects underway that will repair and improve the Golden Lane Estate. The Golden Lane Major Works Core Officer Group has been formed to ensure a consistent approach to communication, programming and delivery of these works in line with the original vision for the Golden Lane Estate and its listed requirements. Details of the current projects are listed below. This information was updated Tuesday 31 October 2018.

Cullum Welch House Concrete Testing and Repairs

We have experienced further delays with the contractor due to the complexity of the reinstatement of the balustrades and associated costs.  This is ongoing, and residents will be advised of progress.

Golden Lane Estate Concrete Repairs

Works are still progressing and are approximately 70% complete.  Planning have viewed a painted and finished sample which was deemed acceptable.  The entire panel is being prepared for presentation. The authentic RAL colours are being used to match the original colours on the Golden Lane estate.

Engie have now presented three repair samples for Crescent House which are a close match to the existing concrete.  One final amendment is being made, then Planning will be viewing these samples with a view to signing them off.  This will enable the repairs on Crescent House to start. The works are estimated to take three weeks.

Any noisy works will be carried out between 10am to 4pm. If you have any queries regarding the concrete repair works, please contact the Senior Contracts Manager Leigh Fussell on 020 7490 8851.

Great Arthur House - Conversion of Base to Residential Units

Planning permission has been granted and we are proceeding with the project.  The tender for the architect and quantity surveyor is currently live and due to close shortly.  This will allow us to start developing the detailed construction drawings and cost estimates.  Once complete we will then be able to go out to tender for a contractor.

Great Arthur House

Some final works are still needed and are being arranged.   As previously advised, any non-urgent repair or maintenance issues with the works undertaken should be reported through normal repair channels.  The works on Great Arthur House are covered by a defects period until August 2019.  

Great Arthur House - Front Door Replacements

An amended proposal is being prepared by external consultants in response to the feedback from door suppliers and Planning.  Due to the backlogs with most of the UK test centres, we are now also exploring test facilities abroad and seeking clarification on whether we can use a European Test Centre and whether their standards are compliant with UK Standards.

Electrical Testing Programme

On Golden Lane and Middlesex Street 270 properties have had electrical testing checks completed by Guardian Consultancy.  One property has declined the smoke alarm and four properties on Golden Lane are outstanding where appointments need to be booked.  Project Manager, Jyoti Parmar wrote to 271 Leaseholders approximately a month ago and out of this 55 Leaseholders responded, of which six are interested in taking up the offer for the electrical testing. If Leaseholders have any enquires about the electrical testing, please contact Jyoti Parmar on 020 7332 1734.

Guardian are also PAT testing white goods in the properties. To date they have identified 24 properties with items which have failed the test.  We have sent letters to these properties to advise residents of local funding initiatives/grants which could provide financial support to purchase new appliances.  The electrical test is now complete on Golden Lane estate, Guardian Consultancy are due to return in November to carry out remedial works.

Testing of Landlords Electrical Installations

The Pre-tender long Leaseholder Consultation letters will go out by early November, works are likely to start in February 2019.

Boiler Replacement Programme

Our contractor TSG have completed five further boiler replacements. If you have not responded to TSG's appointment letter, please do so at your earliest convenience.  If you believe you are on the boiler replacement list and have not yet been contacted by TSG, please contact Matthew Lam on or 075179 951 621.

Heating - Crescent House & Cullum Welch House

At a recent heating replacement presentation held on the 9 October 2018, we presented various heating options that were considered. From the various selections the communal heating was the preferred option, which will be presented to Committee for approval.  We were planning to submit a new report for Committee approval in November 2018, however this is now likely to be submitted for approval at the December Committee.  Thanks to residents for attending the heating replacement presentation and providing feedback.  Please contact the Estate Office if you would like a printed or electronic copy of the presentation.

COLPAI Project

Following the Q&A issued to residents in July, we were asked whether the City would be contravening planning principles by allowing the tenants of the planned residential block to access garage facilities on Golden Lane Estate.  This is due to planning conditions relating to parking spaces and whether residents are allowed to apply for on-street parking.  In response to these queries, the issue will be looked at again and we will listen to the views of residents and other stakeholders before taking any further decisions.

Our contractors, ISG continue to have a presence on site.  Please find below some key dates for works taking place in the coming months.

  • September 2018 to present - Works began to isolate services. Soft Stripping works continue.
  • October 2018 - Hoarding around site has been erected.  
  • From the end of October 2018 - Demolition of the current buildings on the site will commence

Following requests from some local residents, boards from the recent drop-in event will be displayed in the Golden Lane Estate Office.  A feedback letter (1.79MB) has been issued to all who attended and local stakeholders.  

We will continue to keep you updated on the works taking place on site.  Please get in touch with us if you would like to share your thoughts, have any queries about the project or would like to subscribe to email updates.  You can get in touch with the team via our website, or write to us at

Lighting and Wayfinding

We have worked in-house on research on original lighting, on recording and categorising all existing lighting fittings across the estate to minimise the cost of fees of the consultant. 

The Golden Lane Lighting Review (3.4MB) document outlines the various lighting on the Estate.  We have worked in-house on research on original lighting, on recording and categorising all existing lighting fittings across the estate, to minimise the cost of fees of the consultant. We are hoping to have a concept design developed so we can meet and share with residents on the second part of October.  Download the last minutes for the residents meeting (1MB) on 13 December 2017.

For up to date information, email the Project Manager Leila Ben Hassel,

Fire Safety

Residents are able to view Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) for Golden Lane via the City of London Housing Fire Safety webpage.

All residents of Great Arthur House will have received a letter with the latest updates on the fire safety works. In line with this, Officers have also produced a leaflet on the fire alarm (112KB).

A functional fire alarm has been installed and set as a phase evacuation, where the fire alarm activates from the two floors above and one below will evacuate the building, and the remaining floors will receive an intermittent beep to standby.  

Fire Safety Works

We successfully carried out a fire drill at Great Arthur House on the 16 October 2018 by creating a scenario within the building to cause activation.  Thank you to everyone who took part and for everyone's patience whilst we carried out the drill.  We are aware that there have been some false activations of the fire alarm ad we will be providing information to all on how to avoid these going forward.  The system sensitivity has been adjusted to help cope with the proximity of the detector to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, so we should see the activations drop.  Please remember that steam, vaping and aerosols can look just like smoke to a detector.  We will continue to assess and adjust the system accordingly.  Should any resident have questions about the alarm system, including the evacuation process, please contact the Estate Office.

London Fire Brigade Home 

The Fire Brigade currently deliver free Home Fire Safety Visits (2.17MB) every year and with the visits they will also fit fire alarms in all areas where fires can start, including bedrooms and living rooms.

The London Fire Brigade now provide specialist alarms for deaf people/people with hearing impairments.  They can provide standalone alarm systems and replacement alarm heads for bellman systems as part of a Home Fire Safety Visit.  The alarms are free of charge and are fitted as part of the Home Fire Safety Visit.

If you are interested in receiving a visit from the London Fire Brigade or would like further information on the fire alarms, please call Freephone 0800 028 4428 or email

Windows Replacement Programme

We are currently re-evaluating the tender approach.  Further updates will be made available to residents once an approach has been agreed.

Once the Design Team is in place we will be assessing which Estate will need to be prioritised, and once we have an agreed programme of dates for each estate we will communicate this to the resident.

Gullies and Drainage

Minor repairs to gullies and drainage services are carried out through Wates.  If residents have any immediate problems, they should report this through the normal response repairs system.

Decent Homes

We have now completed two pilot properties for the Decent Homes project at Bayer House.  We officially went live for the Decent Homes Project from 25 September 2018, in line with TSG's programme of works, and will continue to carry out Decent Homes works per block commencing with Crescent House.  So far, we have completed three properties.

Good news, TSG will have a City of London Apprentice to work along-side them on the Decent Homes project on the Golden Lane Estate, the Apprentice will gain hands-on experience.

Redecorations Works

Works on Crescent House are now complete.  On Great Arthur House works are continuing throughout the internal areas of the block, with the completion date now for early November.  On Stanley Cohen House works have commenced to the internal areas of the block, with an aim to complete the works for the end of October.  Estate Wide, residents will see areas of all the blocks being worked on within communal areas at the main entrances, lift lobbies etc, these works will not directly disrupt residents but please be vigilant for any 'wet paint' signs when entering or exiting the block while works continue.

Water Tank Replacement

The Water System Works is a programme of works that covers all our Housing Estates which includes the Barbican Estate.  The Section 20 Leaseholder Consultation process on the Housing Estates are now complete.  Letters for the Barbican Estate are now finalised and expected to go out towards the end of October 2018.  Works are expected to start January 2019.

Leaseholder Payment Options

The City of London recognises that it can be difficult for some leaseholders to pay for the cost of major works to their property in one go. We therefore have a number of ways to support you with this. Download the guide on payment options for leaseholders (449KB).

Conservation Management Plan

Residents who expressed an interest have met with City Officers and four have agreed to form part of the Golden Lane Conservation Management Plan Working Party.  Other appointments are being finalised, following this the date for the first meeting of the Working Party will be set.

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