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Five estates window replacement

The City of London Corporation is the landlord to 363 long-leasehold tenants across five housing estates in London.

The City Corporation, as landlord, is proposing to carry out window renewal works on the affected estates. Long leaseholders will be asked to contribute to the cost of the proposed window works under the terms of their leases.

First-tier Tribunal Decision

In preparation for the works, the City Corporation has applied to the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) seeking a dispensation from some of its statutory obligations to consult leaseholders. In particular, the City Corporation has asked to be excused from the requirement to seek nominations for potential contractors from the leaseholders.

The City Corporation has sought the dispensation because it is proposing to engage contractors from an existing Framework Agreement, set up by the London Housing Consortium (LHC).

The nature of the Framework agreement would not allow leaseholders to nominate contractors to carry out the work as the City Corporation would be selecting contractors from an existing, closed list of potential contractors.

The Tribunal found that preventing leaseholders from nominating a contractor to carry out the works will not prejudice leaseholders, and granted a dispensation on conditions.

Find out more about the Tribunal decision on the Five Estates Window Replacement (388KB).