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Holloway Estate

The land on which Holloway estate stands has been owned by the City of London since 1832.

Spanning both sides of Parkhurst Road, the estate comprises of 180 flats, maisonettes and houses which was built between the mid-1960s to 1975. The names of all the blocks are all named after notable architects; Hilton House was built in 1964, it was the first building to be constructed.
Fairweather House was erected in 1966, this block was named after Charles Henry Fuller Fairweather who was the chairman of the 1967 -1968 City of London Housing Committee.
Barnersbury House started in 1967 and completed through to 1968.

McMorran House was erected in 1968, this was named after Donald Hanks McMorran (1904-1965) whom was the architect of many notable public buildings in London and around the UK. These include housing estates in Islington, Hampstead, Poplar, Sydenham, Richmond, Dorking, police stations and many courts buildings. The ground floor of McMorran used to be a play school, complete with a sandpit and a paddling pool, it was once visited by Princess Anne. The parents at the time used to take turns to watch the children on a rota system. Crayford House and Bunning House were built together in 1970. Bunning House was named after James Bunning (1802-1863). He was the renowned City of London architect who designed Holloway Prison in 1852 and the Metropolitan Cattle Market which York Way Estate is now situated in 1855. Whitby Court was the last of the blocks to be built, in 1975. The ground floor of Whitby Court has been leased to Habinteg and were adapted for use by people with disabilities.

The area and the estate’s surrounding grounds has always been steeped in local history. The most notable is the Holloway Prison situated just a stone’s throw away from the estate, known locally as the Camden Castle. The Prison was designed by James Bunstone Bunning (in which Bunning House was named after) and completed in October 1852 as the City of London House of Correction. At the time the facility was used to imprison both men and women, perhaps one of the most famous attendees was Oscar Wilde. It did not become the first and only all-female prison until 1903. It was one of the largest women’s prisons in Europe and held prisoners for all sorts of criminal offences including spying during the World War. In the early 20th Century, women of the Suffragette movement were all held here. As well as women whom were condemned to death. In total, there were 15 women whom were executed in England in the 20th century. Five of which were held in Holloway Prison between 1903 and 1955. The last woman to be hanged was Ruth Ellis on July 1955 for murder and was buried in unmarked graves within the grounds of the prison. However, since the rebuilding of the prison in 1970, the graves of the women had since been moved to cemeteries all over England. The Holloway Prison was then reopened in 1977.

Holloway Estate (Google Map)
Parkhurst Road
London, N7 0NS

Estate office opening times

  • Monday 8am - 4pm
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Closed between 12noon until 1pm for lunch and the estate office is located at 41 Fairweather House.

Please feel free to drop by the estate office for any enquiries or contact us on the below.


Estate Manager: Abiola Ashiru

Estate Officer: Harper Ozkulac

Customer Service Officer: Ripa Ali

Income Recovery Officer: Imran Qureshi

Emergency out of hours

Emergency cover is provided outside office hours by calling 0800 035 0003

Fire Risk Assessments

The 2016 Fire Risk Assessment is available upon request, please email the Housing Fire Safety team

Estate Services

Information on the Estate Services Project​​​

November 2019 Inspection Results​​​

Holloway Estate Services Report (145KB)​​

Estate walkabouts

Inspections and estate walkabouts are held on a quarterly basis. All residents are welcome to attend as it is a great opportunity to point out any areas you want to see improved. Please meet at the Holloway estate office and the walkabouts will be held on the following:

  • Wednesday 26 June 2019, 6pm - 7pm
  • Wednesday 25 September 2019, 2pm - 3pm

Open meetings

Open meetings are designed for residents to attend and get the latest updates on estate projects and also raise any concerns they wish to discuss. The last open meeting of the year, will take place at the Holloway Community Hall between 6pm-7.30pm on:

  • To be Announced

Contact us

Telephone: 0207 607 3207

You can email the Holloway Estate Team for any enquiries.

If you would like to received online estate wide news, announcements and bulletins. Please feel free to contact the estate team to be added onto the mailing list.

    Playground on the grounds of Holloway Estate

    This modern estate comprises 180 flats, maisonettes and houses.