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Date created: 7/22/2020

A Community Gallery Project

People Where I Live is a collaborative art project with all City of London Housing Estates. To participate in the project sign up your household and request a material pack. Looking for the gallery? Scroll to the bottom of this page!

Request your materials pack

When you receive your pack, you can either create the piece individually or team up with members of your household to do one together (we encourage this!).

The theme of the project is people where you live, so this could be absolutely anyone/or group of people from your household, your next-door neighbour, the estate cleaners, refuse collectors, NHS frontline workers, estate teams etc. This project is a celebration of the people in your local community. When you receive your material pack there will be prompts, ideas and images to get you started so you don’t worry about having a creative block!

The project is being run by the Community Engagement team. For more information email the Community Engagement Team.

Project banner with painted canvases

Fill in the form here.

Email us, include your name, address, estate and how many people will be taking part.

Or call a member of the team on 0207 332 3835.

When you sign up to the project you will receive:

  • 30cm x 30cm Canvas Board
  • 20-piece Acrylic paint set (including paintbrushes)
  • ‘People Where I Live’ Welcome pack/prompts/ideas

We are inviting all residents that live in City of London Corporation owned housing estates all over London to take part in this creative project. There is no age limit to who can take part and we are encouraging as many people to do so, as the more creative art works we have, the bigger and more exciting the exhibitions will be.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the online gallery!

Due to the changing restrictions we have had to unfortunately postpone plans to hold displays on the estates this Autumn. 

In Easter 2021, we are planning a large outdoor public exhibition of all of the artworks located in the Square Mile in partnership with the City of London Culture and Heritage team. We hope that at that time, we will be able to invite all of the participants to the opening of the exhibition and reception.

We ask that you sign up to receive your back by Monday 30 November.

The live gallery of artworks created so far - to see your work here email us a photo or send us a message on Instagram!