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Date created: 7/13/2020
Take the Resident Satisfaction Survey 2020

Have your say

Help us to improve our services by completing our 2020 survey and tell us what you think.

Deadline: 18 October

In conducting a residents’ survey, we have an opportunity to understand what our residents think and get valuable insight into how we are perceived as your housing provider. It also helps us to remain transparent in our decision making and keeps us accountable to the people we serve as we monitor and address any changes in satisfaction levels over time.

Pets Policy Review

We are currently undertaking a review of our Pets Policy, questions are included in the Resident Satisfaction Survey. Find out more about the current policy and other local authorities.

Survey Results

Resident satisfaction surveys are conducted every two years. We consult tenants, leaseholders and sheltered tenants.

Our results can be downloaded here:

Annual Report 2019-2020 PDF (2MB)
Date submitted: 10/20/20
Annual Report 2018-19 PDF (3MB)
Date submitted: 7/13/20