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Golden Lane Community Centre reopened after undergoing development in 2018.

The centre is available for local and commercial hire, with a large main hall space, music room and two lower ground rooms with a sliding partition door.

The centre has kitchen and toilet facilities on both floors, and is fully accessible. 

Adult Skills and Education Service

Classes are held regularly in the community centre and are managed by the Adult Skills and Education Team.

Find out more about their classes and contact the team to enrol. They can be contacted by phone on 0207 332 1231 or 0770 282 1650.


To book a space email the Community Centre Manager.


Fees per hour
Room Corporate Local provider/ charity Golden Lane resident Capacity
Main Hall £50 +VAT £30 +VAT £10 +VAT 70
Lower Ground Space 1 £15 +VAT £7.50 +VAT FREE 30
Lower Ground Space 2 £15 +VAT £7.50 +VAT FREE 30
Music Room £10 +VAT £5 +VAT FREE Inc. in above
A space on Golden Lane Estate with a single room and kitchen facilities (not in the Community Centre building).

Fees per hour.
Corporate Local provider / charity Golden Lane resident Capacity
£30 +VAT £15 +VAT FREE 25