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Date created: 7/10/2020

There are parking spaces available for rent on most City of London housing estates, and you don’t necessarily have to live on the estate to obtain one.

If you are a tenant and have rent arrears you will not be considered for a parking facility until you have a clear rent account.
Parking Facilities Terms and Conditions PDF (80KB)
Date submitted: 12/19/19
Termination of Parking Facility form PDF (60KB)
Date submitted: 12/19/19
Change of Vehicle form PDF (72KB)
Date submitted: 12/19/19

You can apply for a parking permit using our online application form

Permits don't have an expiration date on them so they don't need to be renewed unless you change your vehicle.

When applying for a parking permit you will need to provide copies of the following documents:

  • Vehicle registration
  • MOT
  • Insurance document

Or you can contact the Rents Section and request a form to return to them.

The Rents Section
Department of Community and Children's Services
City of London Corporation
3 Lauderdale Place
London, EC2Y 8EN

Telephone: 020 7332 1750
Email: Rents Team

Locations, availability and charges

* if you are not a tenant or leaseholder you will also be charged VAT.

Parking permit options
Estate ​Garages ​Spaces ​Motorcycle bays ​Scooter/bicycle lockers ​Rates of weekly charges
Avondale Square​ ​121 ​136 ​0 ​0 ​£5.51 - £26.09
​Golden Lane ​65 ​24 ​7 ​0 ​£4.41 - £53.75
Holloway ​38 ​76 ​0 ​12 ​£4.25 - £22.37
Middlesex Street​ 31 ​189 ​8 ​0 ​£4.42 - £55.52
Southwark​ ​44 ​22 ​6 ​10 £​3.32 - £24.18
Sydenham Hill ​43 ​19 ​0 ​0 £6.29 - £25.39
William Blake​ 0​ ​33 ​0 ​0 ​£11.75 - £24.84
Windsor House 0​ 0 ​0 ​6 ​£1.00 - £1.00
​​York Way ​28 ​168 ​12 ​5 £3.32 - £34.00

The parking terms and conditions are very important and everyone must comply with them to ensure the facilities are used correctly and safely.

Download a copy at the top of this page

Current balance

To find out the current balance on your rent account or check any queries relating to your rent account contact the Rents Section as below.​

If you are away

You should pay your rent in advance so that your rent account does not go into arrears.​

Payment in arrears

If you don't pay your rent on time, you will be sent an arrears letter, which is noted on your records.

If you continue to make no payments then the City of London will terminate your use of the space or garage.​

Terminate a parking facility

You must give at least seven days' notice in writing to the Rents Team commencing on a Monday and ending on a Monday, and we will not terminate your use of this facility until we receive this notice and rent will continue to be charged. 

Download a termination form at the top of this page

Please note: if you terminate the tenancy of your property, your car parking facility will NOT automatically terminate. You must give us your notice in writing as stated above.​

Giving your permit/space to someone else

You cannot give your permit/space to someone else as you have signed for the facility and are still responsible for paying the rent. We will terminate the rent account and you will not be allowed to have another space or garage.​

Change of vehicle

You must let us know in writing immediately and forward a copy of your vehicle registration, insurance and MOT documents.

Complete a change of vehicle form, downloadable at the top of this page, or send a letter to the Rents Section using the contact details above.​

Lost or defaced parking permits

You need to contact the estate office to get a temporary permit so that your vehicle will not be clamped.

Then contact the Rent Section and we will send you a permanent permit which you will receive in a few days. You should keep your parking permit on your windscreen at all times as your vehicle may be clamped and you will have to pay for this to be removed. 

The water rates charged on parking facilities are for the drainage systems and are set by Thames Water.​

All payments for parking permits are made to the Rents Section.

Our Pay your rent page for full details about methods of payment.

Parking on the Barbican Estate is managed separately.