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Do you care? The titles on this list have been recommended by professionals and experts by experience for those who are supporting friends or families through illness or infirmity.​

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  1. 10 helpful hints for carers book cover 10 helpful hints for carers
    10 helpful hints for carers contains practical solutions for carers living with people with dementia.
  2. Bereavement book cover Bereavement: the essential guide
    The loss of a partner, friend or family member can be more than some can bear. This compassionate and sensitive must-read guide accompanies you through the most painful of journeys as you deal with living after the death of a loved one.
  3. Coping with life after a stroke book cover Coping with life after stroke
    A stroke can have a devastating impact on individuals and their families. This book provides survivors with the support and information they need to get through the first difficult days and weeks in the period after a stroke.
  4. Dancing with Dementia book cover Dancing with dementia: my story of living positively with dementia
    Christine Bryden was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 46. This book relates her experiences of living with the condition, exploring the effects of memory problems, loss of independence, difficulties in communication and the exhaustion of coping with simple tasks.
  5. Dementia Frank and Linda's story book cover Dementia: Frank and Linda's story
    This text describes how a new understanding of dementia is leading to better care, helping to maintain the personality of the sufferer. It follows the story of Linda and Frank. Frank develops dementia and the book covers the couple's struggle to manage and find help.
  6. Gentle dying book cover Gentle dying: the simple guide to achieving a peaceful death
    'Gently Dying' shows that death isn't something to be feared, but a rite of passage, a time of gentle reflection, optimism and a preparation for the next life.
  7. I am still here book cover I'm still here
    The unfortunate popular perception is that, when someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, they are immediately lost to themselves, to those who love them and to those they love. In 'I'm Still Here', John Zeisel shows how you can connect with someone through the fog of dementia and build a relationship with the person within.
  8. Living with a black dog book cover Living with a black dog
    From the author of the bestselling 'I Had a Black Dog', this is a touching and beautifully illustrated book, written for those who care for those suffering from depression.
  9. Living with mother book cover Living with mother: right to the very end
    In Michele Hanson's bittersweet columns in the Guardian, collected here, she explored the physical deterioration of her spirited and resilient elderly mother. From bowel trouble to views on Camilla Parker-Bowles, life is never dull in the Household from Hell.
  10. Telling tales about dementia book cover Telling tales about dementia: experiences of caring
    30 carers of different ages, backgrounds and circumstances share their experiences of looking after a parent, partner or friend with dementia. Their stories reveal that the quality of diagnosis, treatment and care in the UK is, in many cases, unsatisfactory.
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