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Exercise classes

Artizan Street Library offers the following exercise classes:

Sports Development presents Zumba and Pilates classes

Zumba is a new style of aerobics created from a combination of dance styles including, flamenco, tango, African dance, belly dance and hip hop. It's a fun way to getting fit, toning up, making friends and feeling great.

Pilates is an exercise activity that is focused on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility and agility, and helping to prevent injury. With Pilates you can achieve a balanced body which is strong and supple, flat stomach, balanced legs, and a strong back.

Zumba and Pilates timetable
Exercise class Date and time Price
Zumba Mondays, 6pm - 7pm £4.50 per session
Pilates Wednesdays, 7pm - 8pm £4.50 per session

If you are interesting in attending Zumba classes at Artizan Library, please book via Golden Lane Leisure Centre. Tel: 020 7250 1464.

​Inner Body Pilates

Inner Body offers a selection of Pilates group mat and Reformer machine classes. Pilates improves your posture, flexibility, balance and well-being and strengthen your spine and core.

Highly experienced and qualified teacher welcomes people of all ages and abilities:

  • Lunchtime and evening availability
  • Swiss Ball
  • Pregnancy Classes
  • Rehabilitation Classes
  • Classes for senior citizens

For more information and to book, call Angela on 07956 387 063 or email​uk