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Parking suspensions and dispensations for works

Date updated: 14/06/2021

Parking bay suspensions, including disabled and motorcycle bays

If you want information on and to apply for a parking bay suspension for streetworks on the highway or a dispensation call our Contact Centre on 020 7332 1548. We need five working days to process a parking bay suspension and three working days for a parking dispensation.

The first bay administration fee will be applied to the first bay of each type and each bay thereafter will be charged in accordance with the below charges.

The City of London Police deal with applications to suspend taxi ranks (020 7601 2143 or email).

Disabled and Motorcycle Bays needed for longer than 4 weeks need an Equality Impact Assessment. A suspension longer than 3 months may incur an additional fee of £2,200 if the bay needs to be relocated.

If a vehicle is to stand on a suspended bay, you will also need a dispensation.


Parking bay suspension fees

Bay First Bay Additional Bays

Daily Service Charge

(per bay)

Disabled £400 £30 £30
Motor cycle £400 £30 £10 per space  
Coach £400 £30  £30 
Doctor  £400  £30  £30 
Police £400 £30  £30
Ambulance £400  £30  N/A 
Diplomatic  £400  £30 N/A
Pay & Display £250  £25  £30
Resident  £250 £25  £30
Taxi rest £250 £25 £30
Loading £250 £25 £30

 Please try to avoid suspending the diplomatic bays (Bouverie Street)

Parking dispensation​​​​

A parking dispensation allows a vehicle to stand on a single yellow line (or in special cases on double yellow lines) if a vehicle needs to be as close to the premises as possible for loading/unloading goods and materials for longer than the permitted time (40 minutes) in a location where 'no loading' restrictions apply.

The daily charge for a dispensation is £36. There is a daily charge of £40 levied to requests approved with less than three working days' notice.

You need a dispensation if a vehicle is to stand on a suspended parking bay. 

You must display the original dispensation on the vehicle at all times. You must not use a photocopied dispensation.

Loading and unloading is generally not allowed at dropped kerbs or raised carriageway

Loading and unloading

When you deliver or collect goods, documents, packages or materials, to or from a customer, property or location.​

Loading or unloading on a Red Route

Dispensations for a Red Route are issued by Transport for London (TfL).​ Information is on the TfL dispensations page or call 0845 603 4545.​​

Specific loading or unloading restrictions

A parking dispensation is not available where loading restrictions are shown by single or double yellow markings on the kerbstone. Nearby black and white time plates show the periods when loading and unloading is not allowed.

You may receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) if loading restrictions (kerb chevrons) are in force, your vehicle is parked on the footway, you are not loading or unloading continuously, your vehicle is left unattended