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Barbican and Golden Lane Consultations

Date updated: 6/02/2021
Give us your views on the Barbican and Golden Lane Conservation Area Character Summary and Management Strategy and the Barbican Arts Centre Listed Building Management Guidelines. The consultation closing date is extended to Friday 30 July.

The City of London Corporation is consulting on two draft guidance documents which relate to the Barbican and Golden Lane Estates;

  • Barbican and Golden Lane Conservation Area Character Summary and Management Strategy

This document describes the special character and appearance of the Conservation Area and sets out how it is applied in the Planning Process.

Public Meetings

On 7 and 24 June, there will be the opportunity to attend online meetings (due to COVID restrictions) with senior officers to ask any questions you may have regarding the Conservation Area document. 

Register attendance

The public meetings will be held on 12pm on Monday the 7 June and 6pm on Thursday 24 June. Please use one of the links to register your attendance. 

Monday 7 June 12pm  

Thursday 24 June 6pm 

The meetings will be informal and while we shall endeavour to answer all questions we receive this may not be possible because of time constraints.

Barbican and Golden Lane Conservation Area SPD PDF (6MB)
Date submitted: 5/11/21
  • Barbican Arts Centre Listed Building Management Guidelines

This document has been prepared as part of a series of guidelines to provide clarity on permissions, planning consent requirements and guidance on best practice for building works to the Barbican Arts Centre (Grade II listed).

Barbican Estate Listed Building Management Guidelines SPD Volume III PDF (3.1MB)
Date submitted: 5/11/21

It is intended that they will be adopted as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) as part of the Local Development Scheme (LDS)

We would appreciate your views on either or both of the documents before the consultation closes on Friday 30 July. Please specify the document(s) on which you are commenting.

Printed copies of the documents are available at the Barbican Library. Please see the Barbican Library Opening Times for more information.

Your Photographs

We invite you to contribute your photographs to illustrate and showcase the attributes and character of the Barbican and Golden Lane Estates described in the Conservation Area SPD.

  • We will need your written permission to use your photographs,
  • The photographs must not contain any recognisable people
  • We cannot guarantee that your images will be added to the Conservation Area Appraisal document.

Please email your photographs (up to 10MB) to the Local Plan Team.


Please send your comments to the Local Plans Team.

Or in writing to:

Development Plans Team 
Department of the Built Environment
City of London Corporation
PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ

Note, if you reply in writing there will be a delay in receipt as the post is distributed periodically, not daily.