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Inclusive design

Date updated: 23/03/2023

The City of London Corporation is committed to making the Square Mile an inclusive environment for all. Accessible and inclusive design benefits everyone, particularly disabled and older people. The Access Team promotes inclusive design through the development and planning process, from concept to completion.

The S20 of the Equality Act 2010 provides that where a physical feature puts a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage in relation to a non-disabled person, reasonable steps should be taken to remove it, alter it or provide a reasonable means of avoiding it.

Contact the Access Team or telephone 020 7332 1710 for more information.

Online resources for legislative and design guidance

Planning policy

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Chapter 8 Promoting healthy and safe communities and Chapter 12 Achieving well-designed places.

London Plan 2021, Chapter 3 Design

Local Plan 2015 Policy DM 10.8 Access and inclusive Design

Draft City Plan 2036 Strategic Policy S1 Healthy and inclusive city and Policy HIC1 Inclusive buildings and spaces

There are relevant policies in the London and Local Plans which relate to such as housing, hotels, cycling and parking.

City Plan 2036 March 2021
Draft City Plan 2036
Date submitted: 19/05/22
Transport Strategy (2019) PDF (9MB)
The City of London's Transport Strategy sets out the Corporation's long-term vision and proposals
Date submitted: 23/01/20
City Public Realm supplementary planning document PDF (5MB)
Date submitted: 13/01/20
City Public Realm technical manual PDF (4MB)
Date submitted: 13/01/20

Historic environment

Historic England Easy Access to Historic Buildings (2015)

Historic England Easy Access to Historic Landscapes (2015)

Inclusive cycling

London Cycling Design Standards

Wheels for Wellbeing A Guide to Inclusive Cycling

City of London Access Group

The City of London Access Group (CoLAG) is made up of volunteers, most of who have a disability and live, work or regularly visit the City.

The members give their time to provide personal input on access to the built environment. They meet bi-monthly to discuss national and local access issues as well as news, updated legislation, publications and events that affect disabled people. There is usually a speaker at each meeting giving a presentation on a topical issue.

Previous presentations have been on Bank on Safety, City of London Transport Strategy, Crossrail, St. Paul’s Cathedral, wayfinding in the City, proposed Museum of London at Smithfield, Hampstead Heath, Culture Mile and changes to BS8300, Local Plan and International Accessible Design Standards.

New members are very welcome. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Access Team for more details or telephone 020 7332 1710.