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Employment and population statistics

Date updated: 11/04/2023

The City of London is a major centre of employment, providing jobs focused within the Financial, Professional and Estate, and the Administrative and Education industrial sectors. The City of London Corporation monitors employment changes, travel to work. Compared with other local authorities in England and Wales the resident population is small.

Employment trends

Employment Trends provides annual information on the characteristics of employment within the City. It uses information from various surveys conducted by the Office for National Statistics.

Whilst the data is a little out of date it still provides the best data source for an analysis of the:

  • Workforce which is characteristics of those working for businesses and those self-employed within the City of London
  • Spatial data analysis of patterns in the City of London,
  • Industrial sector,
  • Age, Occupation and Socio-economic Classification,
  • The Travel to Work profile including the location of residence and mode of transport.

Workday population

The workday population which is the redistribution of the usually resident population to their place of work, while residents who are not in work remain at their area of residence. The workday population of an area is defined as "all usual residents aged 16 and above who are in employment and whose workplace is in the area, and all other usual residents of any age who are not in employment but are resident in the area".

Resident estimates and projections

There are a range of data sources for estimating and projections the resident population, this includes:

The report City of London Resident Estimates and Projections evaluates the data sources in the context of the City of London.

Resident deprivation

The Index of Multiple Deprivation 2019, published by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government provides the base for analysing deprivation in the City of London and comparing with the greater London profile.

The report City of London Resident Population – Indices of Deprivation 2019 evaluates the data in the context of the City of London.

Resident population

A range of reports was produced from the 2011 Census analysing:

  • An overview of the resident population
  • Spatial analysis by residential zone
  • Ethnicity and nationality
  • Health
  • Households

These reports are available from the Monitoring and Information Team

Planning Policy Library/Employment and Population Statistics