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Pre planning application advice

Date updated: 5/11/2021

Applicants are encouraged to obtain pre-planning application advice before submitting a planning application.

A large or complex scheme may be suitable for a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA). The case officer will discuss the suitability of a PPA with the applicant.

If you want to arrange a meeting with a planning officer you must use the Pre-Planning Application Meeting Request Form and follow the instructions on the form. An application cannot be processed until the form, material and fee, if one is applicable, have been submitted.

You can pay by credit card at the pre-planning advice payment page.

We aim to process a request for a pre-application advice meeting within a week of receipt of the documents and fee, if applicable, and to be able to offer a meeting as soon as possible thereafter at a time convenient to the applicant, although there may be circumstances when this period cannot be met.

Pre-planning application advice meeting fees

There is a fee for a pre-planning advice application meeting, except in limited circumstances.

  • The fees includes VAT at 20%.
  • Where a scheme involves a combination of the criteria in the table the higher fee will apply.
  • If a scheme includes affordable housing there will be no fee for that element of the scheme.
  • A 20% cancellation fee will be charged for a meeting cancelled within three days of the scheduled meeting date

If the proposal does not fall within the criteria in the table there is no fee

 Pre application fees
Proposal Applies to  First meeting £ Subsequent meetings

Alteration / extension to existing dwellings including works within boundaries

Single dwelling house or flat (includes listed buildings)

250 150
Listed Building Works

Internal and external alterations to listed buildings

1,000 500
Minor or Less Complex

5-9 residential units created by a new development or a change of use
500-999 sq. m. of new floor space-GEA (Gross External Area)
Change of use involving C1, A3, A4, A5, D2 and sui generis uses over 300 sq.

2,010 1,005

10-20 residential units created by new a development or a change of use.
1,000-1,999 sq. metre of new floor space-GEA.

4,020 2,010
Large 21-50 residential units created by a new development or a change of use.2,000-9,999 sq. m. of new floor space-GEA. 5,360 2,680
Major and EIA Above 50 residential units created by a new development or a change of use>10,000 sq. m. of new floor space-GEA 6,700 3,350
Pre planning advice application form PDF (830KB)
Date submitted: 6/29/20