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View or comment on a planning application

Date updated: 5/12/2021
Barbican and Golden Lane Conservation Area Character Summary and Management Strategy and the Barbican Arts Centre Listed Building Management Guidelines consultations
We cannot accept comments verbally, either in person or by telephone
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The Statement of Community Involvement 2012 (SCI) Chapter 3 sets out the City of London Corporation’s procedures for consulting the public on planning applications. You can comment on an application either by supporting or objecting to it.

Comment on a planning application


The City of London Corporation is following the NHS and Public Health England guidance on COVID-19 for activities and public interaction and consequently the post room is closed and some of our activities have been curtailed.

You should not submit a comment on a current planning application (or send any other correspondence) by post.

If you have sent post, the planning team will not have received it and you should resend your comments to Planning Comments.

Representations on applications should be made online at Public Access or by email to Planning Comments

Plans are not available to view in the Guildhall. However you may inspect copies of the application, the plans and any other documents submitted with it, online at Public Access.

If it is difficult to access the online documents or you require paper documents email the Planning Team or telephone 020 7332 1710.

We are able to display site notices and send consultation letters by post on all new applications. We are unable to undertake site visits so including photographic or other visual material to support your submission would be helpful.

The consultation period has been extended from 21 days to 28 days.

We will provide updates on our procedures as circumstances evolve.


You can view an application by:

Search for the application, open it and then choose the Comments tab. Your comments will be published.

Find a planning decision or track an application’s progress

Using the online process, you can track an application’s progress, save your searches and receive email notifications about tracked applications. There is no need to register to leave a comment but by registering you will be able to use the features described.

You can use the same link to find out about planning decision.

Email or write

Email your comments to Planning Comments

Write to (subject to instructions above)

Department of the Built Environment
City of London
PO Box 27

Add the planning application reference at the top of your email or letter and state whether you are supporting or objecting to it. You must include your name and address.

Please note

All comments must be available for public inspection (Local Government Access to Information Act 1985). They are published on the website and are available for inspection, on request, at the Built Environment Enquiry Desk (currently closed)

The Planning Officer cannot take into account comments that do not include a name and address when considering an application nor can the comments be reported. For the purposes of data protection, we do not reveal the email address, telephone number or signature of private individuals. See the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 privacy notice.

You can ask for your name and address to be removed from the planning report to  the Planning and Transportation Committee but your comments will be anonymous and that may affect the weight the Members give them.

Comments are not confidential so you should not include information that you do not want to be publicly available. If remarks are defamatory they will be removed before the rest of your comments are published.

Need help?

If you need help making a comment, contact the Planning Team or call 020 7332 1710.

The comment deadline is 21 days from the date that the Public Notice is put up on the site or the application is made public, although we endeavour to take into account any comment that is submitted before a decision is made on the application.​

The only comments that can be taken into account relate to planning:

Policy and use

  • Planning policies and Government planning advice
  • Community facilities or public infrastructure


  • Overlooking
  • Loss of daylight or sunlight
  • Overshadowing
  • Noise and disturbance
  • Light pollution
  • Hours of use

Character and appearance

  • Design
  • Appearance
  • Materials to be used
  • Layout, density, design of the external appearance
  • Impact on the historic environment, listed buildings or conservation areas

Highway safety

  • Traffic implications and means of access
  • Poor visibility
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Parking

The following topics cannot be taken into account because they are non-planning matters:

  • The effect on property values
  • Loss of private views
  • Private rights of way and other private easements and legal covenants
  • Disputes over land ownership and boundaries
  • Commercial competition
  • Building regulation issues (e.g. structural stability, drainage, fire precautions, hygiene and internal space)
  • Moral or religious objections

The comments are part of the background papers to the application report and are available to the Planning and Transportation Committee before the application is determined.

If the application has fewer than five objections the application is considered by the Chief Planning Officer (CPO) under powers delegated to the CPO by the Committee. Over 90% of planning applications are determined this way.

The Committee report is published five clear days before the Committee date and is available on the [LINK to the About the City page] together with any presentation that will be used by the Planning Officer to illustrate the application at the Committee. It is available in an alternative format by telephoning 020 76060 3030 and asking for the Planning and Transportation Committee Clerk.

The petition form should set out details of the application so that the signatories are certain what they are commenting on. The Planning Officer and the Planning and Transportation Committee must be confident that the petition is relevant and should be taken into account.

If the petition needs more than either a tick or a cross the petition form should state that the comments should not include information about a third party and must not be defamatory.

The petition form must include space for the signatory's name and address which must be completed. Telephone numbers and email addresses are not needed and if included have to be removed before the petition can be published.

The petition should include a data protection statement stating that the signatories know that their comments will be published.

The person organising the petition should submit it with the application number and his/her name and address. It is published as a single document with the signatories listed.

Members of the public may speak at the Planning and Transportation Committee regarding planning applications on the agenda for that meeting.

​We notify everyone of the permission, who commented on the application but this may not be for several months, eg where a legal agreement is needed between the applicant and the City Corporation.

Objectors have no right of appeal if they disagree with the decision. In limited circumstances a decision can be challenged on the grounds that the City Corporation acted beyond its legal powers in coming to the decision.